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Finally we got taken to Universal and I was not sorry to hear that we would not have him for a driver when we were to be taken back to our hotels. We had about 4 odd hours to spend there so nowhere near enough. I had the chance to go on the Mummy ride which was swift, fast and over before you knew it. Not really scary and in the dark a lot. I got a heck of a laugh at it though.

I also went on the Shrek 4-D ride. Well it's not really a ride. It was like the one in Singapore which sprays water at you and moves the chairs. Not bad but not brilliant either. I would have gone on the Terminator ride but as it started at 6pm and went for half an hour, I couldn't. The bus was to pick us up at 6.30pm and I didn't intend to be late.

Of course I did the back lot tour though. It was the first thing I did. Desperate Housewives was filming but we didn't see crap. A couple of other things were taping too but we didn't see anyone which was no surprise. It wasn't as much fun this time but I still enjoyed it. I was hoping for a couple of new things but not much was different. I still love Universal and would return again.

The bus I was on unfortunately had the two ditzes on it. Unlike the rest of us who lined up, they didn't bother to get their tickets out to be checked and just said they had to go on that bus. I bitched to the driver and asked if he could kick them off as soon as possible. He laughed with me about it so I liked him.

I leave for Hawaii tomorrow for a couple of days. It's going to be an early morning for me so not looking forward to that. Still it's that much closer to home. I would love to catch up with Diana there. Don't think it will be possible but will have to try to give her a call.

Not a bad day all in all even though I have bitched a lot. But anyone that knows me, knows I have a very low tolerance for stupid people. And those two girls and that driver, well they fit that category.

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