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Walking in to Cadgwith

Cadgwith town - built in a gully coming up from the sea

The little local church for the local seamen across the ages

Cadgwith Cove Inn

the Inn sign

Entrance to the old Helston Workhouse

View of the main working/living quarters of workhouse

Cornish coastline

The trip down to cornwall was really as much to see where a great, great, great, (great?) grandfather have lived and died as much to see the countryside. In the end, I don't think Britain is really diverse in landscape but the real diversity comes from so much wide and varying histories crammed in so little a space.

And so I came to the little town of Cadgwith for a bit of my own history. Here a grandfather lived as a poor seaman. And in the photos is the local little pub in the town that he probably drank at. I stayed the night there and the locals are definite characters but very charming.

Also on the way to Cadgwith, I stopped at one of the bigger towns called Helston. Here this ancestor lived and worked in appalling conditions in the local Workhouse for paupers and for his efforts, received a paupers grave when he died. Such wonderful times back them, huh....

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