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Walt Disney Concert Hall

City Walk at Universal



Just off Rodeo Drive

Me on Rodeo

Mann's Chinese Theatre

Poor John's dirty

How corny but the man is a legend

Where the Oscar's are held

This morning I went to see what tours left from the hotel that I could take. VIP tours runs out of here so I booked one for tonight and one each for the next two days.

Tonight was 'Los Angeles by Night'. I was the first one picked up and the following two couple that got on did not speak English. Later I found that one couple did and have been living in Newcastle and are soon to move to Perth.

Another couple got on that didn't speak at all and we were off. They advertise that the tour is in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. They lie. The grumpy driver who is far from a good driver (at one stage we went the wrong way down a one way road), spoke only English and asked us to look after the two ladies who only spoke Spanish.

Our first bit was a drive through downtown that is not much to look at. We then were taken to Walt Disney Concert Hall were we could get out and take a photo. It was designed by a Canadian.

From there we were taken to City Walk at Universal City. It's at the outside of Universal and stays open till around midnight. This was the place we could wander on our own for an hour and get something to eat. I bumped into two other Aussie's and they mentioned just how many of us they have ran into.

We then reboarded the bus and were taken to Mann's Chinese Theatre and The Walk of Fame. We had another chance to get out. I didn't see anyone with their hands in the handprints as they probably thought the same as me, that it would be filthy.

There are a lot of out of work actors dressed up to have your photo's taken with them for tips. I by passed as having my photo with Superman, Homer Simpson, Wolverine or any of the others didn't appeal.

We also went down Sunset Strip and through Beverly Hills. We got to stop briefly on Rodeo Drive and the prices are horrific. Just for these stores to rent one, they are looking at about $30,000 a month.

Other than the driver, who I did not tip the 'suggested' 15%, it was good. I am looking forward to the one tomorrow which is the Grand Tour. It's supposed to be for three quarters of the day so I should get to see lot's. Photo's are easier to take in the light too.

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