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Since Julie and I had stayed out so late the night before and since today was a "Day at Sea", I awoke a little later (5:30 am) and began writing the blog for yesterday. Even though we can't post it until we arrive in Victoria, I didn't want to forget any of the details that Julie and I had wanted to share. For some reason today, I couldn't seem to get into it so I jotted down the highlights of the day and put my laptop away.

Momentarily there was a knock at the door and Julie was awakened by the delivery of our 7:00 am breakfast order. After answering the door, Julie and I enjoyed our first official breakfast in our stateroom. A croissant, cereal, a cup of orange juice and some fruit welcomed us to our day. Since there's no spectacular scenery to look at this morning, aside from the vast ocean, Julie and I turned on the television to catch up on the plans for the day. Our cruise director walked us through the schedule for today of what we had in store. Since none of the items interested Julie and me, we decided to have a "lazy day".

During our television consumption, the seas began to get a little rough. You could see the white peaks as the waves swelled against the strong winds. Julie and I laughed about the fact that you couldn't stand upright without falling against a wall so we made the brilliant assessment that the safest place to be was in bed. Since we had no plans for today outside of our Seaweed Wrap and Full Body Massages scheduled for this afternoon, this seemed to be a wonderful plan.

After watching several movies, "Max a Million", "Overboard" and "How to lose a guy in 10 days" just to name a few, Julie and I were astonished by the sight outside. The storm had passed that there in the clouded sky was a double rainbow that stretched high into the heavens. The vibrant colors appeared to have been hand painted by God Himself. What an awesome addition to the otherwise cloudy view. It was wonderful. Julie and I snapped away trying to capture the vibrant colors and then returned to our lackadaisical approach to this day.

Around lunch time, Julie left me to go partake of the Italian buffet that is scheduled to be in Horizon Court. Her Spa treatment is scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon so she wanted to eat before she went. I, being the lazy bum I am today, never got out of bed. I watched television until my 4:30 Spa Treatment which put me even further into relaxation mode. The only interruption to my afternoon was the return of my dear "jello feeling" friend who has melted from the relaxing spa treatment she has just partaken in.

After my two hour treatment, Julie and I found ourselves once again doing a "quick change" before going to our 8:15 dinner reservations. Tonight is another formal night so this quick change was somewhat challenging especially when you consider the relaxed state our bodies are in.

Dinner once again was fabulous. Julie's appetizer of fruit has seemingly become her favorite and she followed it up with chicken broth. A salad with another seemingly favorite vinaigrette salad dressing followed that and then an entrée of lobster with rice pilaf was her main course. A dessert of cheesecake (another favorite) and Julie was stuffed. I consumed an appetizer of baked clams, the chicken broth which reminded me of Arigato's broth, a salad with my favorite ranch dressing, the entrée of lobster with rice pilaf. The cheesecake was a great conclusion and I too was stuffed.

Since we weren't interested in the shows scheduled for neither this evening nor the appeal of taking more pictures of ourselves, Julie and I returned to our stateroom to enjoy another movie. Rush Hour is coming on at 10:00 our time and we want to see it again. Upon returning to the stateroom, Julie's day took a huge turn for the better. Our arrival unveiled the most sought after towel animal Julie had desired on this trip. There, hanging by the drapes which adorn our exit to the balcony was a little towel monkey. Julie squealed with glee upon her discovery of this creature and she discussed the possibility of returning home with him as an accessory.

After we changed back into our pjs and Julie regained her composure, we said goodbye to another day. Before long, we had fallen asleep - never getting to see the ending of our much desired movie.

Our gratitude for today: Lazy Days & towel monkeys

Our High Point: A Seaweed Wrap and 1 hour massage which leaves you feeling weightless

Our Low Point: Another day closer to the end of this adventure.

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