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Following the road leading down through the cut in the rock and...

Twin Sisters above Towers Trading Post in Bluff

View of Bluff from Boot Hill

Looking at Bluff to the SW. San Juan River flows along the...

Boot Hill above Bluff

Following a trail just outside of Bluff into a box canyon

View of raparian area looking back to box canyon

Crossing the San Juan River in Medicine Hat

Gouldings Resort just north of entry to Monument Valley

Large depression along the way to Monument Valley

Large Bluff behind Gouldings restaurant

The Mittens and Merrick Butte

Raingod Mesa

Artist's Point

Above John Ford's Point--used by Ford in a scene from The Searchers...

Taking a break and enjoying the view

Navajo Indian gift shop

North Window

Valley view

The morning we left Moab for Bluff, Ut. an air leak developed in the air line between the engine compressor and the air dryer. A call to road service got us a name of a diesel mechanic in the Moab area. We headed his way for analysis and resolution. It was decided to continue on to Bluff as is and have a new line shipped from the Foretravel factory in Texas. We received our new hose the next day. What a surprise, concidering where Bluff is located. Installed it in one hour and all tested ok.

Bluff is a small town located in the San Juan River Valley in the southeastern corner of Utah.

Located along U.S. Highway 191, Bluff is bordered on the south by the San Juan River and the Navajo Nation, farmland to the east and vast panoramic landscapes to the west. To the north, 300-foot sandstone bluffs, which were the inspiration for the town's name, are a dominant visual element serving as a dramatic backdrop for the community.

The Navajo Reservation borders this town weaving the culture of the Navajo people with Bluff's style. As the area's early inhabitants, Native Americans have contributed to the religion, arts and folklore of the region.

Ann and I have been thourghly impressed with this wonderful little gem in this vast open wilderness.

A days trip to Monument Valley proved to be beyond expectations. This truely is a spiratual place

The isolated red mesas and buttes surrounded by empty, sandy desert have been filmed and photographed countless times over the years for movies, advertisments and holiday brochures. Because of this, the area may seem quite familiar, even on a first visit, but it is soon evident that the natural colors really are as bright and deep as those in all the pictures. The valley is not a valley in the conventional sense, but rather a wide flat, sometimes desolate landscape, interrupted by the crumbling formations rising hundreds of feet into the air, the last remnants of the sandstone layers that once covered the entire region

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