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The Plaza

Wednesday 22nd August 2007

Drugs were working a treat so we got an 8am taxi with a couple to Viñales and found a lovely little Casa Particular which had it's own veranda above the family home. Paid a taxi to take us to Cueva del Indio nearby which was a little bit of a disappointment, not least because the boat tour was in German to satisfy the tour group that boarded behind us. The area is famed for it's Mogote however (flat topped mountains) and it's a really beautiful region of the country. We took a horse trek late in the afternoon through the Sierra de Viñales alongside the Mogotes and stopped at a little hut where we were served a Coconut filled with rum and honey. We booked our trip to the beach tomorrow and even though we really are spending far more time on the coast than I would have thought it's just so hot it's all you really want to do! Dinner was at the Casa Particular again.

Thursday 23rd August 2007

The next day we headed to the beach on the 9am bus to Playa Jutias another beautiful stretch of clear, warm waters for a day of lounging. In the evening we walked up out of town to the venue we had booked tickets at for a traditional night of Cuban music and food. We were shocked to arrive and find it completely dead and the one man loitering around seemed to know nothing about it!?! Back in town we couldn't seem to get any answer that make sense from the guy who sold us the ticket so we sat down in Pico Montaña to have some least we had got our money back. The night was rescued by the good music on in the bar where Zoe was 'volunteered' to take part in a group practice of the Mambo which apparently (it definitly looked it!) is the hardest dance. Plenty of 'dance class' offers again which still couldnt get me out of my seat but had Zoe busy with the reggaeton for a good night.

Friday 24th August 2007

Enjoyed some rocky chair time on the veranda whilst covered in shampoo waiting for the water to come back on. Water and electricity seems to be an issue at times. We then got the bus back to Havana at 2pm and a taxi to a lovely Casa Particular in Centro that Zoe had arranged the other day. Walked to a famous Chinese (where strangely enough we had lasagne and pizza) amid plenty of hissing which is really getting annoying!?!

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