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Portuguese Architecture in the main square

Shopping for Chinese souvineers

Ruins of St Pauls

Street vendor


Well since we flew into Macau and decided not to stay we planned on just taking Dianne there on a day trip. But after our week in expensive Hong Kong we decided it was cheaper for us to catch the ferry there one way and catch a bus to China. It was also cheaper to stay there. So we planned just to go over for the day and the night.

Anyways with us being in our usual unorganised travel mode it took us a little longer to get to Macau than planned and about an hour to get thru customs! We decided we would stay 2 nights.

After our luxurious lodgings in Hong Kong we decided it was time to initiate Dianne into the world of backpacking and we found this extremely charismatic guesthouse on a cute little street (which happened to be the street out of James Bond). There was nothing wrong with the guesthouse! It was clean, it was just falling down! And it was back to normal prices of AU$15.00 a night for the 3 of us.

We spent the afternoon strolling around the main square which is several historic Portuguese buildings, cobbled streets, fountains and churches. And of course a McDonalds and a Starbucks! It was very nice though. That evening we set out to explore the other side of Macau, 'The Las Vegas of the East'

The skyline of Macau is no longer dominated by the Portuguese ruins but rather of gigantic hotels and casinos which light the night sky with every colour of flouresant light you can imagine. Oh and a fake volcano! We visited one casino, which was enough! It was enormous! John put a couple of dollars into a pokie machine but he didn't win anything 

The next day we found a nice little Portuguese coffee shop for breakfast and I was able to enjoy my vegemite Dianne brought over for me! We went to the ruins of St Pauls which were amazing and included a crypt and a museum. Next to the ruins is an old fort, Monte Fort, which was also nicely presented and included the 3 floor Macau museum which we spent quite a bit of time in!

That night since Dianne seemed to be coping with the backpacker accommodation we set out to find some street food. We found a Chinese man selling fried rice, Pau (pork filled bread) and dim sum. This small feast cost us AU$2.00 each and we were sooooo full

On Saturday morning we set off to Guangzhou in China by bus and made it thru immigration with our fancy Chinese visas. We will stay in Guangzhou for 5 days (to get our Vietnam visas. This visa business is such a pain) but we have found a nice little place (though expensive) and there seems to be a few thing to do here

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