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At the border crossing

Still at the border!

Blessing the cars in Copacabana

Hope I get to travel in this blessed bus

At the port in copa-- copacabana

Rachel, Muriel and Roger

Cathedral of Virgen de Copacabana

rachel n me posin.....again!

Rachel lookin over Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca

Sunset over Lake titicaca

Sunset without me ruining the view this time!

I like this sunset one a lot!


Funky pier shot!

Ready for the coldest most uncomfortable boat of oor trip

The sacrificial stone on Isla de la Luna

Playin the ruins on Isla del Sol

really no happy with this cold wet miserable trip

rachel lookin pissed off!

Temple of the virgins, Isla de la Luna

At last, final journey on the slow boat to Copacabana

The cathedral, a candle burning inside for unc

Were goin to Copa oh Copacabana.....

Is this where it started?

Ok, enuff of the nonsense! On another bus that broke down yet again...... Rachel.....Jonah...... This time it wasnt so bad and we were only delayed by a wee while.

She was busying herself gettin to know the big aussie sitting opposite her on the she wasnt bothered how long the journey took!

Border crossing, the usual affair, lots of us tourists waiting to get thru the Peruvian side, successfully completed, a 5 min walk to the Bolivian side, past the ususal street vendors, couldnae resist it, ended up buying a few CDs to mind me of my time in Peru, some salsa(still need to learn how to do it, Andy, lessons here we come!), and some Perreo(just to remind me how terrible it is!).

Bolivian stamp on the passport, its a good one, happy days!!

8km and we found ourselves in sunny copa..o copacabana. A steep ascent(when would it be anything else in Bolivia), and we were at the main square with the cathedral. Our recommended choice was just off the square, the Residencial Sucre, at 30bol(/14 to get gbp....yup that cheap!!), clean, bathrooms in the rooms, happy days!

First day was spent realsing how much cheaper Bolivia is than Peru, all the prices the same, except in bolivianos, which are half the price of soles!!

Watched the local priest carrying out the daily blessing of cars, bonnets open, a few prayers, splashing of holy water over the engine, body of car, and passengers inside and out. Flowers, champagne, garish decorations were all bought by the locals hoping to avoid death by dangerous bolivian driving.

Booked a tour for the following day to Isla del Sol(where the first Inca is sposed to have came from) and Isla de la Luna.

Took a walk up the hill at the side of teh town to get great views of the sunset, which was worth it if you see the pics, if f****n freezing!!

Dinner was in a luvly wee place where we had fajitas, yum! Orilla on the main square, bumped into the loudest Scottish couple dressed like they had jus stepped outta Benidorm....takes all sorts!! Hastily tried to avoid them, unfortunately day 2 they were back on our tour to the islands!!

I was troubled by, yes yet again, stomach problems before the boat, nearly wasnt gonna go, but sat dying for a wee while listening to Rab C , feeling even worse, then it passed. Unfortunately, we were on THE slow boat to the islands, one wee outboard motor, 50+ passengers made for a tortourous journey. All would have been okay if the weather had been remotely different from Scottish weather in January, not freezing cold, grey, pouring with rain.

Total washout!

And the islands werent all that, walked for miles to see a stone table, Isla de la Luna temple of the virgins, was just a pile of old stones.

Yeah , you can tell we werenae happy wit the day oot, been better spent lying in bed than freezing on the slowest bus back to Copacabana,.

8.30am till 5.30pm, whole day of moaning about how bad a time we were having. Wouldve been worse mind ya had we been the local woman in the front of the 90min boat back sitting next to a windowless window, gettin drenched with the influx of rain!

Monday morning I took myself to the cathedral, Virgen de Copacabana to say a wee prayer for ma unc. unlike in other churches, there was no crucifix with Jesus but a large Virgen in all her finery. Tempted to buy a gaudy replica in the streets outside but managed to resist!! Thankfully thinks mum!

Then it was 10am bus to La Paz.....

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