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The Peak Tram

Enjoying a coffee at the top

The view

Jess and Dianne

Jess and Dianne on the ferry

Hong Kong at night

The other side of Hong Kong- Ngong Ping Monestry

The wisdom path


Us at the Giant Buddah

Hong Kong wasn't really one of our planned destinations, but when we had to have an outgoing flight from the Philippines to get our visa the cheapest flight we could find was to Macau.

We decided when we landed in Macau that because Dianne (Willy's mum) was meeting us in Hong Kong a few days later, we would just go straight to Hong Kong and come back and do Macau with her. So it was pretty easy, we just jumped on a ferry over to Hong Kong and that made it 3 countries in one day! We arrived fairly late in the day and headed for the backpacker accommodation, which we found is just 2 huge old apartment blocks filled with different hostels and cheap apartments. So as usual this is the cultural melting pot of Indians, Africans and European backpackers, which is half the fun of it! We found a nice-ish place (since Dianne was joining us we thought we would ease her in slowly to backpacking life!) but it is sooooo expensive here!

On Saturday we were very excited to be picking Dianne up from the airport! We made sure we were there with plenty of time to spare before her flight! But all went well and we safely got her back to the hostel and then spent the day walking around our neighbourhood and then went for a stroll down to the waterfront for the view of Hong Kong (for those of you who don't know the geography of Hong Kong, it is made up of lots of islands the 2 main ones being Hong Kong and Kowloon. We are staying on Kowloon which is the main tourist area.)

On Sunday Dianne and I went hunting for the markets. We found the Jade Market and Dianne brought a few trinkets, the fruit market, a couple of street markets where Dianne got a bargin on some shoes (AU$6.50 each). We visited the gold fish market (just for a look) and we were on our way to the flower market but it started to rain so we didn't worry. That night we all went to the famous Temple Street Night Market for dinner and more souvineer shopping.

The next day we made the trip over to Hong Kong Island as we had to arrange our visas for China. Once that was done we headed to the 'Peak Tram' which takes you all the way up to Victoria Peak for awesome views over Hong Kong. We were lucky that it was a fairly clear day and we got some good views and some good photos.

On Tuesday we visited Ngong Ping which is a monestry and temple complex on Lantau Island. It was so nice and unexpected to visit this totally different part of Hong Kong. There is a cable car up to this monestry to the giant Buddah (a huge tourist attraction) but unfortuntly it was closed as a couple of months ago one of the cable cars fell off........ so we caught the bus up the windy road.

At the top there is a little (tourist) village where we saw some children performing with the big dragon on the stick.... (don't know what its called, im sure you know what i mean!) And we went on a walk through the forrest out to a very beautiful lookout. Out here we discovered there was a hostel and lots of walking trails, but unfortuntly we are on a bit of a time restraint so we couldn't stay any longer.

While there we also climbed the 260 steps to the Giant Buddah, which is the largest seated bronze buddah in the world (everyone has to have the largest of something hey!) It was massive and also provided awesome views of the surrounding islands.

We have been so busy while we have been here, there is so much to see and so much shopping to be done! We are off to the night market again tonight so Dianne can pick up some more souvineers and we can have some yummy Chinese food. Tomorrow we will go to Macau and stay the night before heading to Guangzhou in China

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