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We arrived into Clark Airport, which is 2 hours north of Manila (we found this out just a couple of days before we left, luckily) on Thursday afternoon. We had planned on heading north first so we decided not to go to Manila first and just go north from Clark. I really don't know where we were in relation to the city of Clark (or Angeles it's called) but we found a really good hostel which was brand new for P250 (AU$7.00) and stayed there the night. We were in a really quiet part, near some parks and people were just riding their bikes past and there were just a few jeepneys' cruising around. I can't believe these jeepneys! I will post a pic soon, but they are old American jeeps just decorated in crazy colours and designs and I truly don't know how so many of them ended up here, I swear vie seen 1000 of them so far.

Saturday morning we caught a jeepney to the bus station and when we reached the city it was awesome! There were jeepney's everywhere, tricycles, people, horns, it was crazy but cool. And the junk food, I have never seen so many junk food chains in the same place. You name it, they have it and junk food you can't imagine, like deep fried pork skin (can you get any worse?!)

We headed north to a place called Bagiuo, which is in the mountains. Travel is pretty hard going here; it took us 4.5 hours to do 160kms. All the way we were just going thru dirt roads and little villages, all with McDonalds, Pizza hut, KFC and the local chain Jollibee! Like these people live in brick huts with dirt yards but there is McDonalds just down the road!

I was expecting after this to arrive in Bagiuo and it to be a little village, but its far from it. There are so many people here, i hate to think what Manilla will be like! And a giant mall, but best of all are the never ending intertwining streets and the city market which sells everything you can imagine, and you could just get lost all day.

Its a bit cooler here, especially at night and we are heading further into the mountains tomorrow. Another 100km trip that takes 7 hours! Everyone told us Philippino food sucks but we have had 2 very nice meals so far and everyone can speak very good english, and they all think we are American.

So for the next week we will be out in the mountains so im guessing there wont be any internet. We are going to some really cool villages that you can only walk into to see the rice terraces so that should be really good.

Will let you know when we get back :)

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