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I cant reach it, but thats where we are going


Mt Kinabalu

The view from the top

It was very slippery

Dont know what happened to this pic, but its us at the...

So we were dropped off at Mt Kinabalu National Park at 3.30am! Its in the middle of no where, it had been raining and we were in the clouds. But they had to give us points for being committed to the cause! We thought we would just find somewhere to lay down and get our sleeping bags out. Everything was wet though except for the veranda of the cafe, we rolled our bags out there thinking we would wake up when it got light and before anyone came. But at about 5.00am we woke up to hear some voices, all the staff were coming to prepare breakfast. Willy sat up in his sleeping bag and they all screamed. It was pretty funny, then they apologised to us for waking us up!

So we were at the office when it opened at 7.00am and finally at 10.00am they came to tell us 2 people had cancelled and we could climb! Yay! We got our guide named Johnny and off we went. It wasnt too harder climb, just long, its 6kms to the place where you overnight and it took us about 3.5 hours. The last km was starting to hurt. It was cloudy the whole way up so unfortuntly we didnt get much of a view of anything.

After dinner it seemed to clear up a bit so we put on all our clothes and went outside to see the view. It was dark but you could clearly see all the towns and villages and their lights, it was pretty cool, we were excited it was so clear and we would have an awesome view when we got to the summit the next morning. We were so cold standing out there though and it was 9 degrees! I know its that during the day at the moment in Melbourne! We must be getting used to the hot weather.

We got up at 2.00am the next morning to begin the climb to the summit. It started with some pretty steep steps that were hard going but after about 1 km or so it was just steep rock which was easier, I just took my time and cruised up, it took us about 2 hours to do the 2kms. About 1 km up though when we were fully exposed, in came the rain and the icy wind. It was freezing! We had fleece and our gortex jackets on but it was still sooooo cold. We got to the top at 4.30am, we were 2nd there! and we sat in a little hole and huddled together, i have never been so cold in my life, i was nearly in tears. We sat there for an hour until we were just too cold and it was cloudy as and we thought well we arent going to see any sunset and it just wasnt worth sitting there for another hour, well i wouldnt of been able to, so we went back down. It poured rain the whole way down and it was very slippery. I fell down twice (but thats not unusual!) and we were soaked by the time we got to the lodge. We had breakfast and put dry clothes on, warmed up a bit then began the decent. It took us another 2.5 hours to get down to the bottom

It was a bit disapointing that we didnt get to see anything, but it was still an awesome climb and it topped off our visit to Borneo

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