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Night market at Kota Kinabalu

Sailing boat in Semporna


Mabul Island

Our room on Mabul

The restaurant

It was a bit of a shame coming to Sabah and feeling like we had done everything really that Malaysia had to offer, since we have now spent 2 months here. We had done the orangatang sactuary and been on river cruises and seen the wildlife, all that was left to do was to climb Mt Kinabalu. Thats actually the whole reason we came to Borneo in the first place.

We had run into a few backpackers that told us that they enquired about climbing the mountain and had been told it is booked out 1 year in advance, but we couldnt believe that would be true.

Surely enough when we arrived in Kota Kinabalu we were told by the office who do the bookings that it was booked out until december, the only way we could climb was to go to the mountain and put our names on a waiting list and wait until someone cancels.

So on Thursday after spending 3 days in Kota Kinabalu we made our way out to the park and put our name on the waiting list for Friday. We were 7th on the list. Friday morning we got there at 9.00am and sat and waited until 11.00am, there was 1 cancellation! oh and then they ran out of guides. We had our flight booked to the Phillippines for the following Thursday so we looked at the waitlist for the next few days and on Tuesday we could get on the top of the list. So then we were in the dillemma of what to do until Tuesday. I had spoken to some backpackers who had just got back from a place called Sipadan and they were raving about the diving and snorkelling and the cheap accommodation but i didnt really ask them much about it cos we didnt think we would have time to go there. So we decided just to walk out the frount of Mt Kinabalu park and get on the next bus that went that way. To cut a long story short after 12 hours and 100 Ringgit we got there.

Its really funny when you go somewhere you hadnt thought of going and have no expectations about, how good it usually turns out and we are so glad we made the effort to go there. We had to catch the bus to a place called Semporna and then stay overnight and then a boat out to the island of Mabul where we got a snorkelling, accommodation and meals package at. The snorkelling was awesome! Well this area is meant to be one of the best dive sites in the world. We saw every type of tropical fish and massive turtles! Seeing the turtles was so good, we got to swim around with them. It was just a great experiance. Never before had i considered getting my dive licence and now i am. But unfortuntly Willy has problems with his ears and cant get his, so we will see

Anyway we had a great time there and we had to leave on Monday to get back to Mt Kinabalu. Rather than waste another day in travel we decided to take the night bus. It was a great idea until it dropped us off at 3.30am at Mt Kinabalu, which is in the middle of no where!

Anyway im going to write a separate blog on our climb up Mt Kinabalu, so have a read :)

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