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Bats flying out of a cave

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The Pinnicles

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Off hiking

We have just got back from a week at Gunung Mulu National Park. Gunung Mulu is situated in the middle of Borneo, just behind Brunei, there are no roads there (well not whatyou would call a road) and it takes 2 days to get there by boat, so we chose to fly!

The main reason we went to Gunung Mulu National Park was to do a hike to a place called the Pinnicles, which are limestone rock formations, and to see the caves and maybe do some adventure caving. In our last blog we wrote about how we got soaking wet out at Bako National Park and then had to catch the boat back wet and cold and it was a wonder we didnt get hyperthermia. Well we didnt get Hyperthermia but we both got very sick with the flu and ended up in bed for the 1st 3 days we were at Gunung Mulu which was a little disapointing.

But luckily enough by Saturday afternoon we were well enough to do the 3km walk to 2 of the show caves, Lang and Deer cave. Both of the caves had boardwalks through them and lights strategically placed to highlight the formations, it was really good and we had a very good guide (you have to take a guide) who found fish and insects and explained heaps of stuff to us.

When we finished in the caves we all sat down at the bat observatory point to watch the bats exit the cave at dusk. Living in just one of the caves are 2-3 million bats so you can imagine what it looks like when they all exit, the sky turns black. It was pretty cool to see.

On Sunday we began the 3 day walk to the Pinnicles. There were 6 people in our group and the trip started with a longboat ride up the river. We stopped off at a local village and at some more caves which were also really good, then back onto the boat for another hour up the river. The river was a little low so we had to get out and push the boat a couple of times!

From where the boat drops you off its a 2 hour hike to Camp 5 where you sleep for the night. We got up at 5.30am to begin the walk up to the Pinnicles at 6.00am. There is a cut off point you must reach by 11.00am or you cannot go any further. I was really worried cos i was still a bit sick, its a 2.4km walk and you are going up 100m for every 200m forward so thats pretty steep! but i woke up pumped and with Willy in the lead he and i got to the top in 2.5 hours. As well as it being steep there were ladders and a bit of rockclimbing, it was a really good hike we are glad we went all the way there to do it. The Pinnicles were something really different(will post pics soon). But what goes up must go down and going down sucked.It took us 3 hours and i am still sore from it 3 days later.

That night it rained like i have never seen before for about 3 hours.It was so crazy. The water coming off the roof was like a waterfall! but it made it better for our boat ride back the next day, we didnt have to get out and push :)

It was maybe a little silly doing such a hard walk when we had been so sick cos we still arent better..... but i guess we expected it. We are having a couple of relax days in Miri and then are off to Brunei for a couple of days

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