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After our busy time in Singapore we decided we just needed to relax and do nothing for a couple of days. When we sat down and thought about it, we had done something (or several things!) everday for the last 9 weeks and we were getting a bit tired. Plus it is getting so hot here, sometimes it's a bit unbearable!

Melacca was the perfect little town to chill out in for 3 days and thats what we did. With the exception of strolling around the shopping centre and one day having 3 games of Ten Pin Bowling which cost us like AU$6.00! We did also check out the Historical Sights but that only took us a couple of hours.

On the Friday night we went down to the Chinatown market and just strolled around and ate a little of this and a little of that, trying out everything including the yummy nonya pinapple tarts.

On Saturday we caught the bus back to K.L. for our flight to Borneo on Sunday. It was nice to go back to somewhere we had been before, cos we knew where everything was and where we were going to stay so we just dropped off our bags and cruised back into the city. We liked K.L, I would go back there again.

We are now in Kuching (in Borneo), we have 10 days here due to flight avalibility. Next Tuesday we are flying into a National Park near Brunei to do a hike and check out some caves which will be awesome. While we are here in Kuching tho we will hopefully see the biggest flower in the world, go to some caves, to a national park to see the probiscus monkey and to the Orangatang sanctuary

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