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Taman Negara is located in the middle of Malaysia peninsular Malaysia's largest national park. It was quite a journey to get there, and ended up being quite a journey to get out too! We had to catch a bus from K.L to a town called Jenentut then a bus to the pier then a 3 hour longtail boat into the sleepy town in the national park.

We stayed in the town which is across the river from the national park (when you want to go over to the NP you just pay a boat driver 1 ringet and he takes you over there) and all the restaurants are boats, its was really cool. Anyway on the first day there we decided first to do the infamous canopy walk. Now we have canopy walks in Australia that I have thought were scary, as Lonely Planet put it; if you have never considered walking as an adventure sport try this canopy walk! It was a net suspended between platforms with just a normal metal ladder resting in it and a plank of wood on the ladder, it was crazy, you could never get away with anything like that at home! Check out the pics.

After the canopy walk we walked up one of the hills for a view of the park. We had just got to the top of the hill when we heard this noise (which I cant think of how to type it!) but it was giant wings flapping thru the air. A couple of days earlier we had been to KL bird park and seen the Great Hornbills (see pics) and there was one in the wild that had just flown past us, it was so cool, we couldn't believe it. It happened so quick tho and we didn't get a chance to see him properly so we decided to go track him down. We walked down the hill down another path and we could here him squarking and flapping around but the canopy was so high and thick we couldn't see him. But eventually we went off track a bit and found a clearing in the canopy and watched him for about 20 mins, we couldn't believe we saw one in the wild.

One of the main things to do in the park tho is to go out to a hide which is a wooden hut on stilts in the middle of the jungle over a natural salt lick or water hole. On the second night we chose to go out to the furtherest one because there was a chance you could see elephants and small big cats. It said it was 5 hours walk, but usually when we do walks that say are 5 hours they end up taking us 2 hours, but oh no, this one took 5 grueling hours of down the valley over a river up a valley and back down and back up, it was crazy, I was so dead. And its so silly in Malaysia they don't have any to scale maps of any of the walks so we didn't even know how far we had to go. Anyway we finally reached a big river with a bridge over it and thought we must be close, Willy was in front and all of a sudden he jumped back, there was a massive snake in the middle of the path. It was the biggest snake I have ever seen, let alone in the wild! It was about 3 metres long and really thick. I was like, what are we going to do, how are we going to get past it! So Willy got a stick to have a look cos we couldn't see his head cos it was in the trees. When Willy pulled back the bushes (don't worry, with the stick) he was eating another snake! He banged around it a bit, but he was too consumed in eating the snake to worry about us, so he told me I would have to jump over it! Finally I did and then ran like 100m and left Willy there!

We finally got to the hide and I have never felt so gross in my life! I was drenched with sweat, I fell down a hill so I had mud all over me. I went under a tree and grabbed hold of it and it fell to bits all over me, blood and leaches all over my ankles and feet and I had a bottle of insect repellent on me. Thank goodness there was a shower.

There were 10 bunks in the hut and 8 people there and basically we just ate our dinner then sat to wait for the animals. But after we had been there for about 10 minutes it started to rain so none of the animals came L except for a possum like animal that came to steal our food all night!

The next day everyone else decided they were going to take a boat back to town but we decided to walk in the back way, which was meant to be easier, you just had to cross a river. The river was only 5 minutes away, we got there took off our shoes and waded across. We were in the middle of the river with back packs on, shoes in one hand and the rope in the other and I looked up stream and you would not believe but there was a snake swimming down the river! It was so scary but cool when we look back, I had never seen anything like it, and I remembered Willy once telling me all sea snakes were poisonous. It was black with a bright red head and tail, it was a really beautiful snake but we didn't get any pictures cos we had our hands full and I was backing out of the river! I then decided I wanted to catch the boat back! We didn't tho, we continued on, we found heaps of elephant poo, so they were around, the walk back was much easier and it only took us 4 hours.

When we got back to town Willy found a guide and showed him the picture we had taken of the snake and asked him what it was. It was a KING COBRA, O.M.G! But according to the guide, we were very lucky to see one, cos they are very rare. Yes we felt lucky!

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