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Well this is the longest we have spent somewhere so far! We have been in Kuala Lumpur for a week and we probably could of stayed another week! We will be coming back in a couple of weeks anyway for our flight to Borneo!

Its funny cos we have slowed down to a degree but its so hard to break the 'gotta be somewhere now' routine that we are used to and even tho there are so many places we want to go, sometimes we need someone to remind us that we have 10 years or how ever long it takes! We found 2 such people the other night in our hostel. These 2 guys had both been travelling just Asia for the last 2 years and were on their way home. It was scary tho because neither of them had gone to all the places we want to go in Asia and still it had taken them 2 years!

Accommodation has been a bit more expensive here, its hard cos most of the cheap places double as brothels.... and there isnt much inbetween. The place where we are staying the owner is obsessed with cleaning. He 'pine o cleans' everything 5 times a day and he never sleeps. Like we will go to bed at 12.00 and i will get up during the night at 3 and we wake up at 7.00 and he is always up! But he is cool :)

We have seen on the news that Newcastle, Australia has had alot of rain the past few weeks and there have been massive floods. I guess it doesnt make the news here cos it happens every week, but the first night we were here we were doing our usual walking/orientation of the city and we stopped off in the mall at Petronas Towers. Anyway we had been there for a couple of hours and went to leave and it was pouring rain so we thought we'd just have dinner there and hopefully it would of stopped but it hadnt, it was pouring more. So we thought we would seek out the public transport system and catch the underground back to the hostel. We got to our station and got out, went up one level and the conductor is carrying on in Malaysian and waving us back to the train, we were a bit confused and a man told us in English we had to go to the next station. So we got back on the train to the next station and got there and found out why. It had rained so much the streets were flooded and cars were up to their lights in water! so that was a bit crazy.

Since we have been here, we have checked out all the malls, including one that was made like venice with boats floating thru it etc! Been up Petronas Towers. We visited the historical sights, all the old British buildings etc. We went to the bird park one day, which was pretty good, there were some pretty cool birds. We've checked out some mosques and went rockclimbing for a whole day today! We found this really good indoor rockclimbing centre (and they had hot showers!, sorry such things excite us these days!)

We are off to Teman Negara tomorrow, which is a national park in the middle of Malaysia, for about 4 days and then off to Singapore

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