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Realtime checking out the stage at Kronstad

After lunch, we departed to the small town of Kronshtadt, located on the Gulf of Finland. During the Soviet period, Kronshtadt was a closed city and only the residents were allowed to come and go. It is most famous for producing nuclear submarines that sink.

After a short tour of the city, we warmed up for our concert. Each concert is designed to last 1.5 hours and features 10 or so different groups. The Russian performers are young, the youngest being 15 years of age for the 5 young men of the Nightingales, group from a town in the Ural mountains of Russia.

As this was the first time the festival has had a concert in Kronshtadt, the auditorium was not quite full. But they were just as enthusiastic as the previous evening and greeted us warmly at the conclusion of the evening.

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