The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

Today we leave Vietri sul Mare for Napoli......the hotel shuttle dropped us at the town bus stop where we caught the bus that goes to the train station in Salerno. We arrived at the station and figured out our train and waited and announcement finally came over the P.A. system advising that our train was "retardo" (late) and at this point it was already almost 45 minutes late. While we were waiting an older woman was talking out loud in Italian to herself and anyone else that would listen about the train and where it was going and all the stops it was going to make......we figured if we stuck with her we should be able to get on the right train once it arrived and get ourselves to Napoli. At noon, another train arrived on a different track and the woman chatted briefly with someone at binario 1 and then she disappeared. At this point there were a lot of people waiting for the train to Napoli and we wondered where we would all find seats. At about 12:10 p.m., I was walking down binario 2 when I glanced over and saw the overhead sign on binario 1 which indicated that the train on that platform was going to Napoli at was the replacement train for the one we were waiting for on binario 2, but no announcement was made (not that we would have understood it anyway). Barb and I grabbed our packs and headed down the stairs and over to binario 1 getting on board with only a couple of minutes to spare.......and guess who was on board talking to herself and anyone else that would listen? We arrived in Napoli in about an hour and did not get a warm fuzzy feeling for the city......we had been warned by many people that Napoli was a rough city and it gave that impression as soon as we got off the train. As a result, we stuck close to our hotel for the remainder of the afternoon and therefore didn't get to see any of the sights that might have been close by, and on top of that it was smokin' hot and walking about in the heat would not have been much fun. In the evening, we asked at the hotel to point us in the direction of a good pizzeria since Napoli is the birthplace of the pizza and is supposed to have the best pizzas in the world. We walked across the Piazza Garibaldi to La Cantina dei Mille and sat was still smokin' hot at 8:30 p.m. We shared a pizza as our starter and it may not have been the best pizza in the world, but it was very good. A Japanese couple was seated next to us and you think we have fun trying to converse in English/Italian.......try Japanese/English mixed with some was fun to watch and made us chuckle. They had ordered their meal just before us and as they were eating Barb's carbonara arrived and the woman got all excited and gestured for her husband to have a look at Barb's plate. When the waiter came by, she ordered a plate of carbonara (after she had already shared an omelette and spaghetti with seafood with her husband). As her carbonara arrived, her husband ordered another spaghetti and then turned to us, laughing, and said "we hungry, no lunch today". As we ate, we struck up a conversation with this couple - Mr. and Mrs. Hirashita.......he is a professor of physiology at a University in Japan and she owns a jewelry store. We laughed and joked with them for quite some time and found out that they live about an hour from Kyoto and when we told them that we may be traveling to Japan in October, Mr. Hirashita quickly invited us to stay with them (how nice). We exchanged email addresses and they again reiterated that if we come to Kyoto to contact them and come and stay with them because they have lots of room. They are very sweet people and time will tell if we get to see them again... so we said sayonara to our new friends and went on our way ....

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