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Miss Lily enjoying a fudgsicle...

And listening to her favorite tunes!

Isn't she just a pretty little angel? Well, part of the time...

Our Grand Tour was cancelled due to the weather...bummer. The sun never did come out today & about 2pm it spit a few drops but the prediction was a 30% chance of rain later in the day. I called the tour operator about 4pm & was told of the cancellation. It actually got a bit clearer by 6pm & we think they probably could have gone, but better safe than sorry. Never did get the storm. So, we just took advantage of a day off & read, rested & watched a couple of movies. And I made homemade turkey rice soup. Yummy....

It is now 8:36, temperature a wonderful 65, very low humidity. Lovely... Anyway, our space is taken for the weekend or we might have stayed over an extra day to try an island tour again tomorrow. So, we'll just move on in the morning & should make it into Michigan by late afternoon.

Many of you enjoy keeping up with Miss Lily & we received a couple of new pics from the kids last night. She is walking now. And, Miss Lily loves music. As you will see, she has brother Josh's I-tunes while he plays a game boy. Don says she is also carrying on conversations. He wishes he could understand her, she seems to have so much to say!

Sure would love to see all of them. Maybe over the holidays. One of the downsides of full time RV'ing. You're always heading in the opposite direction from someone you love. And heading in the direction of others. A trade-off of sorts. Wouldn't want to give it up though. At least not right now. Exploring all this new country is exhilarating. That's why we try to share it with all of you. In case you haven't been there, done that, either!

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