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An early morning journey to Charlotte Douglass Airport proved to be uneventful. Traffic was minimal, the weather was good and the conversation was full of excitement.

As we unloaded the vehicle, we each were enlightened by the fact that this adventure consisted of two "very different personalities". Type A - Lisa was traveling with two "overweight" bags and 1 carry-on while Julie bragged about her two checked bags only weighing in at a minimal 39 pounds each. You could tell she was so proud of herself. Julie chuckled as Lisa paid the $25 over weight fee and they proceeded to the security checkpoint. Once the pair reached the scan machine, Julie dutifully turned over her water to the officer and Lisa and Julie successfully made it through the Scanner. Once on the other side, fate caught up with our dear Julie and she was called to the side for the dreaded "bag search".

The search proved very successful to the TSA employee as she confiscated Julie's hairspray, shampoo, hair gel, body wash, toothpaste, body lotion & bug spray. As the two ladies stood there in "sheer amazement" for two entirely different reasons - Lisa's for the fact that dear Julie attempted to smuggle these large size toiletries through the Security Checkpoint which warns you at every turn of the "quart size bag of 3 ounces or less items only items" guideline and Julie's for the fact that she got caught. "I always do this" Julie exclaimed, in her defense. Well - this time she won't! The two chuckled as they assessed the situation and came to the conclusion that it is better to pay the $25 and have it than to reach your destination and have to "re-purchase" everything. All in all, they both learned a very valuable lesson.

Stay alert - We haven't even left Charlotte yet and we can already tell this trip is going to be the most memorable trip of our lives! Have a good day - Talk to you again when we get in Dallas!

74 pages later in Julie's "library book" and 2 Sudoku puzzles and a one hour "beauty nap" later in Lisa's world and we find ourselves in Dallas, Texas. Our first stop, of course, had to be the "little girl's room" followed by a shopping excursion where Julie acquired a "shot glass" for her mom. Julie continues to be haunted by the horrendous confiscation of her toiletries and after making a mental assessment of the damages has decided that it would have been much much cheaper to have paid an overweight fee. As if this realization isn't enough, there is a constant reminder of Julie's experience as the overhead speaker broadcasts the notification to passengers of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport that "All carry-on toiletries must be no larger than 3 ounces and must all fit inside a Quart size bag." I'm sure these words will haunt Julie for the rest of her life or at the least - for this trip anyway.

After some Chinese for lunch and some more shopping, we finally find our way to Gate A20. This is where our flight is scheduled to leave. Julie and I are alarmed by the sad display of cots which occupy the gate area. This only gives way to thoughts of cancelled flights and overnight stays. One adventure - we hope to avoid. Stay tuned though. We'll let you know when we make it to Seattle! Hope you are having as much fun reading this as we are living it!

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