Putters Travels 2007 travel blog

Merramack and Monitor Bluffs

Typical ridge

Trail on top of ledge

Start of the trail down

Over the edge. Part of our "road" looking down from the upper...

View from the cockpit. A rare streach of smooth surface

View of lower trail.

A quick way down. These switch backs were narrow and very rocky

Geeze, we were up there earlier.

Hoodoos everywhere

Very fragile rock slowly collapsing to their demise

The Colorado comes into view along the trail

The small amount of moisture just beneath the surface of wash area...

The mighty Colorado and the other forces of nature created all this...

We were surprised to see these salt settling ponds along the way

More salt ponds

A spire in the distance

Balancing act

Tourist boat coming out of the river 19 miles below Moab

Native American rock art. Look in black area middle of picture.

Views thousands of feet down to the whitewater rapids of the Colorado and Green rivers, or thousands of feet up to red rock pinnacles, cliffs and spires create the incredible beauty of Utah's largest national park. The two rivers have sliced Canyonlands National Park into three districts, each named according to its distinctive landscape: The Island-In-The-Sky, The Needles and The Maze. This rugged national park is world renowned for its four-wheel driving, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and hiking. Major entrances to the park are 29 miles northwest of Moab and 50 miles northwest of Monticello.

We ventured off in the Jeep to the visitors center in the northern section of Canyonlands, the Island-in-the-sky section. While there we learned of a nice rim trailc called Shaffer. This sweaty palm cliff hanging trail works back down to the Colorado River and continues on to Moab via the Potash trail. So off we went with plenty of water and munchies. The first part of the drive was along the cliff following a narrow ledge. We bumped along the trail hugging the edge of a canyon cliffs a 1000 feet above the valley. Attached are several pictures of this senic trip. Oh, by the way the pictures of settling ponds were part of the potash mining activity.

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