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Main drag in Moab looking north (HW 191)

Same view but a couple of blocks north

View of Colorado from bridge just north of Moab

Green area in back ground is Moab. View from road decending from...

Hole in wall just above the Colorado River

Castle Rock.

Bluff in distance as viewed from Castle Rock

Castle Rock picnic area

Our parking area at Portal RV Park in Moab

Portal RV Park area under construction. Background is the Portal where Colorado...

Completed space for sale at Portal RV Park. This is the basic...

View of Moab from east side residential area

View of golf course from same area

I wonder if Arches National Park is missing an arch

We arrived in Moab, Utah yesterday afternoon. Got everything set up at the RV park and headed out for the visitors center in downtown Moab. Now for a travel log of Moab.

The name Moab is a Biblical name for a land just short of the Promised Land. The Moabites were historically regarded as the perpetual enemy of the Israelites, "God's Chosen People." Physically, the region was a green, verdant valley in the middle of a serious desert; an emerald in the sand, so to speak. Because of those similarities, this little town was dubbed Moab by Mormon settlers in the 1800's.

Located on the banks of the Colorado River, nestled in a fertile green valley between soaring red sandstone cliffs, the city of Moab is the perfect place for those that like to enjoy the charm and hospitality of a small resort town. Moab's vibrant downtown district contains an outstanding combination of knowledgeable local guides and outfitters, diverse cuisine, and exciting nightlife.

From the shaded depths of thousand foot canyons to the snow capped peaks of 12,000 foot mountains, the landscape surrounding the town of Moab, Utah is truly a scenic wonderland. The natural beauty of Moab is considered paradise for photographers and artists. Surrounded by some of the most diverse terrain the world, Moab is also a magnet for those that like to hike, raft, rock climb, bike, kayak, canoe, four wheel drive, sightsee, or participate in virtually any outdoor activity imaginable. Cyclists know about Moab; they know it as the home of the Slickrock Trail, the Mecca of mountain bikers. What many don't realize is Moab has some of the best road biking as well. There are hundreds of miles of paved roads in and out of world-class landscape known by every adventure seeker.

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