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Morning the 3rd day

Not more steps

More beautiful views

Looking good

Another view

Phoning home from 3700m (3rd pass)

Steep steps huh?

Descending in the mist

Rock fun...

Somewhere behind there is Machu Picchu

Baaaad socks

Final evening meal

Inca trail day 3

On the morning of day 3 our legs were sore and the sleep deprivation was beginning to show.

It's worth briefing mentioning that hygiene is something that takes a lower priority when doing this walk. You get a little warm water wash in the morning and evening but this makes little difference when you have to wear the same things for a few days. Everything takes on that stinky odor and we each try to avoid walking behind one another. Some are worse than other...

The third days walk is easier but not easy. We only had to walk for about 6 hrs and our lunch site was also our camp site. Fi and I got there at about 2 and we were lucky since it started to rain. Poor Lyndel and Phil were still an hour behind with Phil still suffering badly.

Lunch was amazing food, Chinese with jelly for dessert. From our camp site we could get a glimpse of Aguas Calientes, the tourist town servicing Machu Picchu.

Also at the campsite was hot showers and a bar...sounds good doesn't it? However with hundreds of people showering, cleanliness vanishes. Toilets, by the way, are either 'Greek style', and they certainly do not flush, or for the men the 'bush' option.

The final night started with a good meal and then a mini party with the porters. At this point it was time to say our farewells to them, since in the morning they will pack up the campsite and return to the start ready to do it all over again. These men really are salt of the earth. However, they only earn 150 soles (25 pounds) in the 4 days. They are mostly farmers who do this even harder work to earn some extra cash to feed their families.

At the party Marcel and Fi wrote a poem which Mario translated into Spanish and read for then. The porters introduced themselves and their roles, then sang a song. Lyndel and phil sang Waltzing Matilda and then we all had beer to finish.

I forgot to mention, they baked us a cake for the last night...yes up in the mountain...

Tomorrow is the big day and what the whole hike has been about... We get up at 3:30.

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