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Yes, I've just climbed that!!!

Painful climb

Top of 'Dead Womans Pass'

See the height marker

View of the valley on the other side

Our second campsite

Inca trail - Day 2

When one thinks of the Inca trail the mind conjures up pictures of a stiff, but pleasant walk in Wales or Scotland, but day 2 is sooo different. This is up one mountain and down in the morning and then all over again in the afternoon. But then add in the altitude and everything changes. At 14,000 ft the body just struggles to absorb enough oxygen to keep the legs moving, the mind wants to pick up your leg and climb the next step but the muscles respond half heartedly and you end up dragging yourself up step after step. It's painful!!!

The altitude affects different people in different ways & does not seems to strike only those unfit. It seems to be quite random, with physically fit blokes gasping for air or throwing up in bushes.

The rewards however are worth it. At the top of the first pass the Andes stretch out in front and take your breath away...

At the bottom of the first pass (aptly names "Dead Woman's Pass"), it was time for lunch and then off to do the same all over again.

By the time we got to camp it was close to 6, with 8hrs walking behind us and sunset a few minutes away.

One of our group, Phil, had fallen ill in the night seriously sapping his energy so that it was a wonder Phil made it to the first pass, he looked like death.

Everyone, including the guides were really worried. In the afternoon while Fiona and I pressed on for camp, the guides, 2 porters and Lyndel helped Phil to camp.

To prayers & many concerned faces he arrived exhausted but safe.

Tomorrow is supposed to be an easier day...we shall see

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