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Today was not nearly as exciting as our thoughts turned to our book signing at the Saratoga Springs Public Library and our move on into Boston. Saratoga Springs is a charming little town that was in total burn-out today. Yesterday ended the six-week running of the horses at the track. Everyone was trying to recuperate from a summer that sees the population double during "the season."

The van has gotten a little grimy from our 5 day trip. We looked for a campground close the city, so we wouldn't have to drive too far after the signing. We finally gave up and spotted a nice small motel. We are mostly concerned now about evacuating all the LP gas before it goes on the floor tomorrow. At the suggestion of Karen at RVIA, we are running the heater full blast tonight, all night - another reason not to be camping in it! The owner of the motel was very generous in letting us also give our baby a "rub-a-dub-dub right on premise. We also cleaned her up good inside today getting ready for the show.

Our books arrived right on schedule and we were at the library early to sticker them, sign them and get set-up for the event. They had set for 30 - and the procession of more chairs began at about 15 minutes to show time. The library was thrilled when we had about 50 people wanting to hear "The Secrets to Planning Your Dream Trip." It was a great crowd with lots of questions - and they wanted a "tour" of our Road Trek - which we, of course, happily supplied. Oh, and we sold some books too. We always donate a portion of the proceeds of library events to the library - and they were pleased to have that little bonus. Apparently not everyone does that, but it creates good will for a good cause. They also gave us a nice little honorarium, which is always a nice gesture.

Early to bed as soon as I post this. Off to fight the Boston traffic tomorrow. Wish us well.

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