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Ceiling of the Gallery of Candelabra

Ceiling of the Gallery of Tapestries

"Supper at Emmaus" in the Gallery of Tapestries

Ceiling of the Gallery of Maps (1)

Ceiling of the Gallery of Maps (2)

Ceiling of the Gallery of Maps (3)

Centre section of ceiling of Salo di Constantino

Bust of Pope PIus XI (1) (Peter Boyle?)

Bust of Pope PIus XI (2)

Pieta by Atillio Selva

Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Great Altar Wall of The Sistine Chapel - "The Last Judgement" by...

Rear wall of The Sistine Chapel

Madonna and Child in lower floor hallway

View of St. Peters from Museum Terrace

Cortile della Pigna (Courtyard of the Bronze Pine Cone)

Sphere in the centre of Cortile della Pigna

Rear wall of the Cortile della Pigna

Oversized Greek Bust in the Cortile della Pigna

Mosaics on floor at entrance to Egyptian Museum (1)

Mosaics on floor at entrance to Egyptian Museum (2)

Ceiling of stairwell leading up to the Sistine Chapel

Ceiling of The Sistine Chapel

"Sermon on the Mount" - from left side wall of The Sistine...

Ceiling of The Sistine Chapel

"The Last Supper" - from left side wall of The Sistine Chapel

"Last Days of Moses" - from right side wall of The Sistine...

Spiral staircase at exit from the Vatican Museum

Ceiling over staircase at exit from the Vatican Museum

This morning we were up and at 'em early in order to get to the Vatican Museum as we anticipated that there would be a long line-up to get in. We arrived at the Vatican at ten minutes to eight and found a line of people snaking its way around the corner of the Vatican Wall, and the museum wasn't set to open until 10:00 a.m. We got in line and watched as people continued to arrive and join the end of the line and it grew and grew (probably in excess of a kilometer in length, four to six people abreast). We slowly moved forward and as we got closer to the museum entrance it was interesting to note how some people we were standing in line with had gotten much further ahead of us and there were more people in line between us and them....some of the people simply slowly sneaked their way ahead in line and others joined the line by ducking under the yellow tape that had been strung out to keep some order to the line....for example, a Japanese tour group leader stood at one corner of the Museum and as our part of the line moved closer to the entrance he simple lifted the tape and let his entire tour just jump the line, naturally right in front of us. We got thru the museum entrance at about 10:20 a.m. and made our way to the Sistine Chapel. There are numerous sections and exhibits in the Vatican Museum and we were told that if you were to stop and view every piece in the Museum for one minute you would be in the museum for years......I don't think we have quite that much time. The Sistine Chapel is 20 - 30 minutes walk from the main entrance and enroute we made our way thru the Gallery of Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries, the Gallery of Maps, then thru the Raphael Rooms where we saw a bust of Pope Pius XI (note the resemblance to Peter Boyle - Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond - Holy Crap). We made our way into The Sistine Chapel and even though I have seen it before, it is still overwhelming......Barb was in awe, having seen it for the first time. Although picture taking was not supposed to be allowed, everyone was clicking away until a security person came over and stopped them, which still didn't deter them, because as soon as the security person walked away, they were back taking pictures again. We snapped a few shots as best we could so as to have a memory of this amazing place. After the Sistine Chapel we made our way out into the Cortile dell Pigna and then into the Chiaramonti Museum where there were many ancient Greek sculptures, then into the Cortile Ottagonale (Octagonal Courtyard) where there were more Greek sculptures and large marble tubs, and then into the Egyptian Museum. We decided we needed to have one more peek at the Sistine Chapel so we made our way there once more for another look was still amazing....

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