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Buon Giorno from's challenge is to find the Chinese Embassy and get our visa's for our tour in China. We had the address from the embassy website and asked the concierge where Via Bruxelles was located and how to get a stroke of luck, the embassy wasn't very far away at all and we were able to walk there in about ten fortuitous. As we approached the embassy, we noticed a small line-up and visions of Paris and the Indian Embassy jumped thru our minds....fortunately it was just a small group of people milling around the entrance. At 9:30 a.m. the door opened (on time) and we went inside and within an hour our applications were ready for processing. The girl behind the glass window told us to come back in a week to pick them up and when we asked if we could get them sooner, she said that if it was urgent, we could get them....wait for it.....tomorrow!!.....we'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow morning, but, boy what a difference from Paris. We decided to have a lazy rest of the day, chillaxin.....until tomorrow.....

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