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This moose crossed the road right in front of me

Wasatch Mountain State Park Road














Unusual house near Brighton



I believe this is marble, but not certain of that












Coming to the Salt Lake City area was really just an after thought to me. It seemed like a logical place to stay for a while on the way to Lake Tahoe and then on to northern California. I had no idea at all how beautiful this area of the state is, but I do now, and I'll likely come back here again. These mountains, especially the Wasatch Range are huge, rugged and spectacularly beautiful. Today I drove thru this range east to west, and then back west to east on another route. The first route was thru Wasatch Mountain State Park which took me up the mountain to the Big Cottonwood Canyon Road that I followed down the mountain all the way to near Salt Lake City. I then went up and then back down the Little Cottonwood Canyon Road. All of the pictures posted today are from these three areas. I returned a little further south on Rt 92 which cuts thru the mountains and then hooks up with Rt 189 which took me back north to Jordanelle Lake Campground. I did not take any pictures along this route as it was getting late and a storm seemed to be brewing. I'll likely drive Rt 92 over and back again tomorrow and hopefully get some good pictures along the way. It is definitely worth a re-look without the time constraints that I felt today. Robert Redford owns a bunch of land somewhere back in there and I believe that he lives there. Sure would like to see his house. Maybe I'll try to find it tomorrow.

The whole state of Utah could, in my opinion, be set aside as a National Park, as it is a real treasure that should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. There is an awful lot of construction and development going on everywhere in this area. I'm not anti-growth, but there is a balance that needs to be drawn between the forces of growth and those of preservation, and too often the forces of growth prevail at a severe cost to the environment and to the natural beauty of an area. It's hard to do, and there's big money involved on the growth side, but we must do the hard work necessary to bring these forces into balance. All of us that care about nature and things natural have a stake in this fight and need to get involved in some way to bring pressure to bear on people that can do something about it. We don't need to stop this train, just slow it down a little, and along the way show more concern for preserving the natural beauty, which is a big part of the engine that pushes the growth in the first place, and why people want to live here.

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