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Auckland from above

Auckland at night

Left Paihia about 8:45 and gave Phil, our driver, a hard time as it was his very last leg as a driver...he's graduated on to tour guide. Headed down to Auckland (about a three hour drive) after a quick stop in Wellsburg to use the facilities. Arrived about 12:30 where most of use weren't able to check in to our hotel. So, we checked our bags and headed to the Auckland Skytower. I've found that these towers are a good way to get a look at their respective cities but I'm also finding that many of these cities are starting to look the same. Down the tower where Carl and I had to find the shuttle to our final bungy. We headed out to the Auckland Harbour bridge where we were weighed (again), fitted with a harness (again), and where we signed our lives away (again). After this, though, you actually have to walk half the distance of the bridge just to get to the bungy platform. We arrived and I got to go first...yea! (At least I get it out of the way.) Carl and I had discussed it before getting on the shuttle and neither of us had been looking forward to this all that much. (After the really big jump in Queenstown everything else seemed kind of anticlimactic.) I was pleasantly surprised. The bungy workers, one of which we had met at Rock 'n Ropes, convinced me to go backwards, which is not as easy as it sounds. This was kind of fun and added a little variety to my previous jumps. Once we finished this we headed back to town where we got ready for dinner. Those of us remaining met for dinner at 6:00 and grabbed mexican (something, unlike Indian, that the Australians and Kiwis have not mastered). Eight of us had purchased tickets to Mamma Mia for the evening so we headed to that at 8:00. This was fantastic! I think it probably helps to be familiar with Abba's music but the show is funny and extremely well-cast regardless. It was good fun and we all enjoyed it. I headed back to the hotel to do a little laundry before my 36 hour trek to Europe.

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