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Inside Yankee Stadium

Look Toward Outfield

Julie and Thurman

The Yankees-Orioles game is a night game and so we had the day to explore and adventure in New York City. David and Julie went to the Guggenheim Museum; Matthew and Ron went to the Museum of Natural History and Elizabeth went to the New York City Public Library and then walked up 5th Avenue to meet David and Julie for lunch. It was a beautiful day and so no complaints on the weather or the sights. We met back at the hotel and joined the other Yankee fans on the subway to the Bronx.

A point of disclosure. I am a long standing Yankee fan but I have never been to Yankee Stadium before - so this is a big night for me - my review may be biased. Just like Shea, the beginnings of the new Yankee Stadium are obvious beyond the scoreboard wall. Yes, the House that Ruth Built is ready for more than a face lift - it is old but not in the same way as Wrigley. The big difference between the two historic parks: size of the seats. We had very comfortable seats on the second tier beyond 1st base - with easy access to food and facilities. The game started with a recognition ceremony for Alex Rodriquez as he had this week reached a milestone with 500 home runs. The ceremony included some "interesting" portraits of A Rod by artist Peter Max - we all joked that we were sure that Alex would be donating both pieces to the Hall of Fame immediately (lovely pieces - not!). They also gave Alex a piece of sculpture that looked like a 2nd grade level art project with colored bats and a photo of him inside of a ring to baseballs - as they unveiled this "sculpture" it fell to the ground! Compared to the dignified ceremony at the Mets game for Tom Glavine this was very funny. We were also a bit disappointed that they Star Spangled Banner was not sung - just the music from a recording by a military band.

But once the game started it was all that we expected and more (remember I did give you a full disclosure statement at the top of this entry). I thought the Nathan's hot dogs were especially yummy - Matthew and Ron enjoyed ice cream from little Yankee hats. We saved the hats for Lilo to wear - my idea of course. I think she is a Yankee fan also. The Orioles were extremely competitive and made the game the most exciting one yet - the Yankees ultimately won with a bottom of the 9th inning run with a walk off run on a hit by Derek Jeter (final score 7-6). Why are the Orioles so competitive all of a sudden? The singing of God Bless America by Kate Smith was special (it was nice to hear from Kate again) but we were a bit surprised when some fans sat down for Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Political statement or just fatigue? And the Yankees ended the game in pure style with Ole Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) singing New York, New York. That was a very nice touch that reminded us of Wrigley with their ending Go Cubs Go song. Big event of the evening - I got a Yankee cap of my own!

Tonight's winner for the prediction was Ron with the closest winning game score. So far, Ron has won the most games and the most money. Elizabeth has only won 2 contests but is closing in on him with the money totals. I have not won at single game contest.

We have seven games behind us now; only 1 left at Fenway. Tomorrow Julie, Ron, Elizabeth and Matthew are on to Cooperstown and then we will meet up with David in Boston on Wednesday.

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