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Walled entrance to City of Verona

"Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo" - Whitney, Barb and Nick on...

View of courtyard from Juliet's house

Stefanie and Whitney Ann

Whitney Ann and The Seven Dwarfs? (Is this the wrong house?)

View from Juliet's house

Piazza Erbe and the Venetian Lion

Piazza dei Signori and the statue of Dante

Sant' Anastasia

Altar of Sant' Anastasia

Bell Tower of the Duomo of Verona

Duomo of Verona

The Roman Arena of Verona (1)

The Roman Arena of Verona (2)

Stefanie at Castelvecchio

Interior of Castelvecchio

Whitney Ann, Stefanie and Nick at Castelvecchio

Whitney Ann, Barb and Nick at Castelvecchio

Ponte di Vittoria

Ponte Scaligero

Enjoying dinner at Ristorante Adriatico in Verona

The Roman Arena in Verona at night

Verona at night

Today we made our way to Verona, the location of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (which was written by Luigi da Porto of Vicenza in the 1520's) and we were excited since we were going to meet up with Whitney Ann, the daughter of our good friends Peter and Madeline Moolyk and Stephanie Burger, an exchange student from Switzerland whom we met when she lived with the Moolyk's about six years ago. The two girls are traveling together for a week or so around northern Europe and we arranged to meet in Verona. After the girls arrived, we walked towards the centre of town and the Roman Arena that was completed in then year 30 AD. It is the third largest amphitheater in the world after Rome's Colosseum and the Santa Maria Capua Vetere, near Naples. The theatre is still used today for concerts, shows and operas and on this night, the Barbieri de Seviglia or Barber of Seville was being performed...tomorrow night, Aida. Unfortunately, we were unable to go......we then made our way to "Juliet's House" on Via Cappello and stood on the balcony. We continued on to the Piazza Erbe where the Venetian Lion is located marking the absorption of Verona into the Venetian Empire in 1405. At Piazza dei Signori, the Lamberti Tower rises from the western corner of the courtyard and in the middle of the square a statue of Dante from the 19th century stands. We then stopped at the Church of Santa Anastasia which was fitting since Whitney's middle name is actually Anastasia. We then made our way to the Piazza Duomo and the Duomo Church, but couldn't go inside because they were having a mass at the time. We continued on our way to Castelvecchio, which was built between 1355 and 1375 and now houses an art gallery. The Ponte Scaligero, a medieval bridge which was built between 1354 and 1376, was blown up by the Germans in 1945 and was rebuilt by the Veronese, who dredged the river to salvage the masonry from the original bridge. The bridge stretches from the Castelvecchio to the Arsenal on the north bank, which was built by the Austrians between 1840 and 1861. Later that evening we went out for dinner at Ristorante Adriatico nand afterwards stopped by the Arena to see if we could hear a bit of the performance.....all we could hear was the applause at the intermission coming over the walls of the Arena. We bid our friends arrivederci and a safe journey and went on our separate ways.......

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