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sunrise in Mauritius



Aboriginal rock art - the spirit Nabulwinjbulwinj. He eats young girls that...

stencilled handprint-left by Aboriginal artist as his signature

at Kakadu Park- on cruise down the Yellow Water Billabong




hard to see but those "leaves" clinging onto the bamboo are bats

coming for you - bat which is hanging in tree limbs of...

flight over Kakadu

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls

view of landscape from plane

our hotel in Kakadu

queen of the mountain


the road - it's the wet season in Kakadu

termite fortress and some rain

sea eagles

fishing for crocodile on the Jumping Crocodile River Cruise

think his little arms could reach it?


what not to do


Well, it took us two days to reach Darwin, Australia. We landed the first night in Mauritius with a 12 hour layover. Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean that is supposed to be paradise. So we left the airport and stayed at a hotel near it hoping to experience some of what the island had to offer. Melissa woke me up at sunrise and we explored the area around the hotel. The place was beautiful and we would loved to have stayed for a couple of days, unfortunately there is only one flight a week to Perth, so it was no can do.

We spent one day in Darwin before we headed off to Kakadu National Park which is the home of some of Australia's best Aboriginal rock art. Many of the are sites are considered sacred by the Aborigines and aren't open to tourists. But we had the opportunity to visit an area called Nourlangie. During the wet seasons the ancient Aborigines lived under the rock overhangs and drew wall paintings as a way to pass along their culture and laws to their children.

We took a river cruise and also flew over a portion of the park and mountains. During the wet season a majority of the roads and walkways are under anywhere from 5 to 10 feet of water and are closed. Fortunately the waterfalls are incredible during this time of the year.

We spent the night in the Holiday Inn Crocidile Hotel which is in the shape of a crocodile. The next day it rained so hard most of the roads we were going to take were flooded, so we hiked up to the top of Burrunggui which overlooks a portion of the wetlands. Absolutely beautiful. Now the best part of the day was feeding the crocodiles. I knew they could swim, but I never realized how high they can jump. Climbing a tree to get away from them if you fall into the water is just not an option.

We are now in Cairns and have an apartment for a week. It's almost like being at home, laundry and grocery shopping. I never thought I'd miss it.

Melissa has booked every tour imaginable here. Can't wait for the fun to begin. Don't think she'll sleep tonight with all of her excitement.

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