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Cluj is massive and somewhat disorganised. I got lost due to their signage. Yes twice in one day. So I just kept driving till I came to a sign that said Bucharest. At least that would be in the direction that I needed to go. Eventually I got out but it was now dark and late and I just wanted somewhere to stop. It was after 9pm before I got a room and as they only excepted cash and I was almost out, I was very glad that I had put my 'souvenir' money aside already. With the help of that I had the 95Ron he required and I went upstairs to room 6...he referred to it as the best room he has. I kind of got the feeling he liked me as he was willing to come to my room for any reason even if I just wanted a cup of coffee delivered. He's a bit old so I locked my door. Not a bad looker though.....

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