The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

Front view of The Duomo and Campanile in Florence

View of the rear wall inside The Duomo

Frescoe above doors on rear wall of The Duomo

Rose Window of The Duomo

Front Altar of The Duomo

The Campanile

The Duomo

The Baptistry and its East Doors (1)

The Baptistry and its East Doors (2)

Baptistry doors bronze relief (1) Adam and Eve are expelled from Eden

Baptistry doors bronze relief (2) Cain murders his brother Abel

Baptistry doors bronze relief (3) The Drunkenness of Noah and his Sacrifice

Baptistry doors bronze relief (4) Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac

Baptistry doors bronze relief (5) Esau and Jacob

Baptistry doors bronze relief (6) Joseph sold into slavery

Baptistry doors bronze relief (7) Moses receives The Ten Commandments

Baptistry doors bronze relief (8) The Fall of Jericho

Baptistry doors bronze relief (9) The Battle with The Philistines

Baptistry doors bronze relief (10) Solomon and The Queen of Sheba

Clock Tower of the Piazza della Signoria

The Ponte Vecchio over the River Arno

View of rear of colorful shops on the Ponte Vecchio

Buildings along the River Arno

Wine shop just off the Ponte Vecchio

The train ride from Pisa to Florence took about an hour and we went in search of our room after getting directions from the tourist information office. True to form we got the wrong directions again and after wandering around for about forty-five minutes carrying our packs (which seem to be getting heavier and heavier) we found the Mia Cara and discovered later that we could have walked in a straight line from the train station right to our room....oh well, that's the fun of travelling. After getting settled we headed out to find the Duomo and Campanile in the Piazza Del Duomo and the Baptistry in the Piazza Di San Giovanni (right next to the Duomo). The Duomo is also known as the Santa Maria del Fiore and is Firenze' most famous symbol, Europe's fourth largest church and to this day, remains as the city's tallest building. The Baptistry, where many famous Florentines were baptized, including Dante, has bronze doors that were designed by Andrea Pisani (the south doors) and by Lorenzo Ghiherti (the north and east doors) and may date back to the fourth century, making it one of Florence's oldest buildings. The Campanile or bell tower was designed by Giotto in the year 1334 and was completed in 1359, twenty-two years after his death. We then made our way to the Piazza della Signoria, where a copy of Michelangelo's "David" stands. The original is in the museum "Galleria dell' Accademia" and another copy is located at Piazzale Michalangelo, a park high above the city which has some fantastic views. We continued on our way to the Arno River (which if you recall flows thru Pisa as well) and cast our gaze on the Ponte Vecchio, one of Italy's most famous bridges, which is lined with numerous jewelry shops. Much more to see tomorrow, so ciao for now.....

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