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Procession in The Duomo San Lorenzo (1)

Procession in The Duomo San Lorenzo (2)

Procession in The Duomo San Lorenzo (3)

Tall ship in the harbour at La Spezia

This morning we retraced our steps in reverse from yesterday just to have one more look at a couple of the sights before leaving for La Spezia. Today being a Sunday, at the Cattedralle di San Lorenzo, church services were being held and there was an important religious leader in attendance, perhaps an archbishop. At the end of the service, the priests and deacons and the archbishop circled the inside of the church blessing the people in attendance. At our end of the Cattedralle was one young girl, perhaps sixteen years of age, who had her head bowed down, resting and when the archbishop passed by he spoke to her and she looked up in shock and amazement, that the archbishop had actually spoken to her.....she was quite surprised. At around 1:00 p.m. we boarded our train and were in a compartment with two Italian women, one of whom spoke English and who chatted with us briefly asking where we were from and where we were traveling. She was very friendly and told us that she lived in Turin and had learned English when she lived in California for two years with her husband when he worked in the Silicon Valley. As we traveled along the beautiful Italian coastline, a voice came over the loudspeaker with an announcement which she interpreted for us....the toilet at our end of the train was not working and with the translation she buried her face in her hands and said she was so embarrassed. Barb told her she had no reason to be embarrassed and she quickly said that because it was an Italian train and because she was Italian she "must" be embarrassed....she was very a very proud woman. We arrived in La Spezia and found our room which was directly across from the train station at the Hotel Mary. After checking in we went for a walk and found the town to be very quiet.....again, because it was Sunday no one appeared to be out and about. We made our way down to the marina and that is where all the townsfolk seemed to be and while we were there, groups of people arrived in convoys on motorcycles and in trucks wearing team, orange, red, white.....we found out later that it was a festival day of some sort and the teams were boat racing teams and after the boat races there were to be fireworks....oh those Italians........any excuse for a party!!!!!!!!

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