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Avoiding getting squished on the way across to Costa Rica

Tuesday 7th August 2007

Boated to the mainland, neither of us particularly sorry to say goodbye to the Bocas. Got a bus to some town for breakkie and then to Sixaola on the border which proved interesting....the first time in Latin America I have been asked to provide proof of onward travel - welcome to Costa Rica. We realised as several people got turned back that this was going to be a problem, especially given that my flight home expired about 4 months ago. Deciding that I wasn't going to buy a useless return bus ticket to Panama just to make them happy I trawled through my pack to find my old Round the World Ticket and with a little bit of scratching and rubbing I managed to remove the 2007 from the date and got back in the queue. Quite confused by the multi parted used ticket he couldn't really quibble and stamped me in, sorted. We were then just a few hours from San Jose, only stopping for lunch where I was extremely grateful to be told by a local lady when I crossed the restaurant that I had tucked my skirt up in the toilets!?! The rain got heavier all afternoon and didn't give us the best first impression. We checked into Tranquilo and went straight out for some food and I realised that the first thing I need to buy in Central America is an umbrella!

Wednesday 8th August 2007

Tranquilo...right!?! Got woke up at 6am by really loud music and then couldn't get free pancake breakfast because they were out of gas! Not happy bunnies, especially when initially we were told we couldn't use the milk for our cornflakes instead...because it's for the pancakes! So given the rain and the general miserable impression we're getting of San Jose we went off looking for flights to Cuba. Thinking we would need to book a little in advance and go off for a while around Costa Rica we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves offered all kinds of deals with hotels included leaving in the next day or so. Then we were offered an amazing deal of flights and three days hotel at the beach leaving tomorrow, which even stopped off in Guatemala on the way back which is where Zoe wants to go! We had to go away and rethink our plans and when we went back the travel agent suddenly seemed a little less excited - surely that hadn't sold out? No, it was actually quarter to four in Cuba and he was worried he wouldn't catch anyone in the office to make the booking....a vision of things to come!?! Slightly shaken by random change of plans we went off to do some last minute shopping for those essentials we expect to be hard to find in Cuba and Zoe cooked up a fab dinner whilst I spent a ridulous amount of time on the doing this!

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