The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

Fountain at Plaza De Bilbao

Rio Uremea River

D. Antonio de Oquendo "Experto Marino"

Palais de Congres - Auditorium Kursaal

Along the Sea Wall

Sailboat out in the Bay of Biscay

"Empty Construction"

Basilica Santa Maria Del Coro

Inside Basilica Santa Maria Del Coro

View of Cathedrale Buen Pastor

Hotel De Ville - Town Hall

Bahai de La Concha with Parque de Miramar and Playa de Onderreta...

This morning after reviewing our maps and train schedules and travel books, we determined that we would be spending too many hours on a train getting to and from the areas in Portugal that we wanted to go see, so we opted to leave Portugal and the south of Spain to be a separate trip sometime in the future and stay in San Sebastian for a couple of extra days before heading to Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast. We walked along Ondarreta and La Concha beaches to the train station to make our train reservation for Barcelona, after which we continued along the Rio Urumea River to the sea wall which circled Monte Urgull. Along the way we saw a statue of D. Antonio de Oquenda, "experto marino" or expert mariner and the Teatro Victoria Eugenia and the Palais de Congress-Auditorium Kursaal. We made our way around the entire sea wall to a sculpture called "Construction Vide" or "Empty Construction" which is very similar to The Wind Comb and both appear to be by the same artist, but they are not. The Wind Comb is by sculptor Eduardo Chilida and Empty Construction is by sculptor Jorge Oteiza. We continued our way along the pier where women were selling crayfish and cockles at little stands before we wandered into "Parte Vieja" or the old town where there are a lot of tapas bars and restaurants and where the Basilica Santa Maria Del Coro is situated at the base of Monte Urgull. We came across the Uberchenna Restaurant and there was a line up to get in so on the assumption that the the food was probably pretty good we stopped to have paella. It was OK. After our late lunch we headed back to Ondarreta beach passing by Hotel de Ville or the town hall.

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