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Streets of Cartagena

Streets of Cartagena

Streets of Cartagena

Me at the wall

The City Wall

Just a bit of rain that!

Me pretending I'm in Cuba


Tuesday 24th July

Packed up all my nice clean laundry after an embarrassing conversation with the washer woman telling me how stinky my stuff was. Got a midday bus to Cartagena with Zoe during which I was dealing with a really poorly stomach and a video of "Mr Bean does Paris" - not quite sure which was worse! Got a place at Hotel Holiday in the old quarter and went straight to the Pharmacy where I was given an antiseptic for my stomach - whatever that is? We then spent the afternoon lazing and dozing at the hostel nursing swollen feet and mosquito bites. I am now sleeping at night with sliced limes next to my bed to rub on so I don't scratch in my sleep.

Wednesday 25th July

We checked out the boats advertised to Panama and a man from another hostel took us to the harbour to meet Frederico on his yacht. We agreed to take the trip with him and four others on his yacht leaving on Saturday. He seems a decent guy, even helping Zoe out with some medicine after she was sick over the side of his yacht - great now we're both sick! It was a really good deal at $200 for 6 days with all food and drink included. We took a walk around the old quarter afterwards, making another trip to the pharmacy and getting some icecream. Zoe clearly not well as she turned down the icecream! Spent the afternoon in the hostel and went out for dinner on my own whilst Zoe slept.

Thursday 26th July

Went to pay for the boat and Frederico told us that he now wants to leave tomorrow - that's a trip to the mud volcano out then. So we spent the afternoon shopping for stuff, and wondering the old quarter of the city again. I went to change some money into dollars which seemed to be as complex as buying a house. Having been invited through to the back office I was checked on the computer, finger printed and then had to sign a Federal agreement about something or other.....I mean it's $50 - hardly money laundering! Got caught in a bit of a tropical rain storm later and I started to wonder what kind of conditions we could expect on this sea crossing? We had a quick dinner out and then had a couple of drinks in the Havana bar down the road.

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