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Room with a view in Taganga

View back to Taganga

The other bay

Taganga at night

The path through the jungle to Arrecifes

Arrecifes beach

Arrecifes Beach


La Piscina Beach

What a place to hang your hammock




Wild horses


Arrecifes Beach

Zoe at La Piscina

Me at La Piscina

Me and Zoe

Saturday 14th July

Arrived in extremely hot Santa Marta midday and jumped off the bus into an oven. Found lugging my pack around the streets extremely difficult in the humidity and given that I couldnt' seem to work out the minibus system, I mean surely a good system would be a circuit, but clearly not...I seemed to be doing a lot of walking! Eventually got some money and jumped straight back on a bus to Taganga which I had heard was the best for beaches. Felt a bit of a wally staggering along in the sand in my trousers and trainers passed half naked sun bathers but found a really nice place right on the beach with a balcony and hammock. Spent the afternoon walking around the bay to another beach and enjoying the sun there for a while, oh and then I started sneezing but whose going to let a little air conditioned bus cold get in the way of being in the caribbean!

Sunday 15th July

Straight back on the bus to Santa Marta to head to Tayrona National Park to meet Zoe. Found a packed bus and clambered on with my 20 kilos. Paid the entrance fee to the park and then boarded another bus. At this point I was hoping that the Lonely Planet was out of date and they had now paved the road all the way to the beach (I know I didnt really hope that)....but no, we went a couple of kilometers and then had to walk. At this point I noticed that I was the only person carrying all my stuff! How hard could a 3km walk be through a jungle I had thought....well I was about to find out. Within 200mts I was looking pleadingly at passing mules and then things starting going up hill, I mean how can you go uphill to the coast? Having been overtaken by everyone included the drug smoking Israelis who thought it was funny to take a seat every five minutes so they could laugh at me staggering past I was getting pretty fed up and then I see a sign that I have gone....33 percent of the way! Not one to give in when caribean beaches are in store I ploughed on and the estimated journey of 40 mintues took me nearer 70 but I made it and was rewarded with beautiful seas and lush forests on the beach. Hung up my hammock after recovering and went off for a wonder along the sand. No swimming signs were everywhere at Arrecifes so clearly there must be somewhere else people are hanging out. Half an hour later I arrived at a calm beach called 'La Piscina' and hear my name called by Zoe sat there looking decidely more relaxed than me. She had been shown a really cheap locals place behind the beach by an Ecuadorian so I moved my hammock later after taking a dip and then we had a good old catch up (plenty of hassly old local men wingeing!) and then got some food before I spent the night listening to coconuts crashing out of the extremely high palmtrees, at least they are so high you get a split second of falling time warning before they thud on the ground.

Monday 16th July

Headed off to another beach in the morning, El Cabo and then back to La Piscina in the afternoon with a couple of chocolate buns from the local bun lady...can't tell you how amazing the buns were, guess you had to be there. Fabulous to be lazing in the sun finally and dont feel quite to bad about it as you do have to do quite a walk to get there!?!

Tuesday 17th July

Enjoyed one last day at La Piscina before facing up to the hike out...really wish I had a few more days, well really just that I had only packed for a couple of days. Walked at a snails pace up and down the muddy hills before getting back on the bus to Santa Marta. Checked into a hostel and booked the Lost City trek for tomorrow, very excited.

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