Switzerland and France 2007 travel blog

boat to Montreux and Chateux Chillon

on the boat


Chateux Chillon

me in front of the castle

another shot of the castle

the castle and lake

park in central Montreux

Today I awoke to clear skies and sunshine. The last few days of clouds and rain seem to be over and what perfect timing, as today I took a boat cruise on Lake Geneva from Lusanne to Montreux and Chateau Chillon. The water was like glass and all the mountains surrounding the lake were crystal clear. It was a nice hour long ride to Montreux and I could have continued on to Chillon, but decided I should take the bus to make sure that the info in the book was correct. I have already visited Chillon once before, 3 years ago when Candi and I were in Switzerland. Its a nice old castle perched right on the lake. I took some great pictures, but unfortunetly, you will have to wait to see them. I made a quick trip through the castle, then hopped the bus back to Montreux to check the book listings. One of the hotels had closed, so I had to find another in the same price range, not easy since this is a resort for the rich and famous, and everything in this town is pretty expensive. I found one place that seemed ok, at least it was fairly cheap. Now I am waiting to hop a train for Zermatt, my next destination. I have always wanted to see the Matterhorn in person. I hope the weather holds out, as it would suck to get there and not see the mountain.

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