Paluma Push 2007 travel blog

Susannah, Steve & Daniel

le Mans start for some 300 bikes

Susannah coming up to checkpoint 2

Susannah nearly at checkpoint 2

Susannah nearly at the finish

Susannah finished

Markwell Rockwheeler - Leigh

Markwell Rockwheelers - Gavin

Markwell Rockwheeler

A finish line - you wouldn't believe how steep that hill is...

Ready to race with the drive crew

The gang ready to race

The finish line but metres away, a worn body attempts to make...

What's your problem

We went, we pushed and we all made it.

The official results are out.

Daniel 2:42:13 167th place in the recreation category

Susannah 3:21:30 231th place in the recreation category

Steve 3:19:00 230th place in the recreation category

The bike trip computer suggests 2:45 of riding. Maybe I did have a lot of bludge time.

Daniel took off after checkpoint 1 and got to have snags and beer before we arrived at Hidden Valley. Susannah finished not too far behind me.

There was nothing in the instructions about that last hill. You get to the 1km to go board, you hear the cheers of the crowd and you think you've nearly made it. You round the corner and everybody is cheering and saying "Keep going". Brain thinks, why keep going when I think I'm at the finish line and I've got no energy left? Look up, there's a cattle grid, that must be the line, get there and still the crowd yells out keep going. But there's nothing left. Look up again and there's a big banner with FINISH. No energy left in the legs!!! So I stood up and put all my weight on the right pedal, then left pedal, got a bit of a push from the culvert, a couple more turns of the crank and across the line. Hooray!!! Then there's a lady 5 metres up the hill trying to give me a bottle of water. That's 5 metres further up a hill that I could barely ride up. Finally get the water and another lady further up the hill wants to give me a meal ticket.

Oh boy, what an adventure. I haven't decided yet whether it was a "hoot".

Now that I have made it I can proudly display the 2007 Paluma Push sticker on my car. If anybody has a spare, please don't throw it out, let me know, send me an email thru this website, I've still got 2 motor bikes, a push bike and pair of rollerblades to put the sticker on.

Thanks to those who helped it happen. Hope you enjoyed it.

More pics at Rockwheelers in the forums - Race Information.


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