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Running of the cows in Bayonne (1)

Running of the cows in Bayonne (2)

Pedestrian streets in Bayonne (1)

View across the River Nive

Pedestrian streets in Bayonne (2)

Buildings in Bayonne - "Pig" is for Butcher Shop

Bayonne Railway Station (1)

Bayonne Railway Station (2)

Bridge Puente Christina and San Sebastian train station in background

Santa Clara Island in Bahai La Concha

View of downtown San Sebastion from Playa de Onderreta

View of Playa De Onderreta

The Bay of Biscay

"The Wind Comb"

Rock formations of Monte Igeldo (1)

Rock formations of Monte Igeldo (2)

Sacred Heart Statue

Today we leave for San Sebastian in Spain, but not until the middle of the afternoon, so we spent time this morning walking about Bayonne in the pedestrian street, window shopping. Bayonne has a festival in August which involves the running of the cows. We narrowly avoided one in the streets of Bayonne during our walk. We had a grande time catching the train in Bayonne...the departure board indicated that our coach would be at the far end of the station so we waited in that area for the train to arrive and when it did we boarded the train only to find that it had come in backwards (again). Because the stop in Bayonne was so short the train was on the move again before we could get off and run to the front of the train, so we had to walk the entire length of the train with our packs and because the train was quite full, there were people standing in the aisles that we had to maneuver around and in the heat, by the time we got to our seats we looked like drowned rats..."welcome to Spain". San Sebastian is about an hour away from Bayonne and our journey took us across the border at Hendaye to Irun in Spain where we had to change trains. The Spanish train was like a metro line stopping at numerous small towns along the way. When we boarded the train we asked a Spanish woman if we were on the right train for San Sebastian and she indicated "se". After a number of stops, an announcer indicated that the next stop was Donostia. Since we were going to San Sebastain, we didn't pay much attention until the woman who advised us that we were on the right train came over and told us that Donostia was our would appear that "Donostia" is the Basque name for San Sebatian...we got off the train and asked for directions to our hotel and boarded a bus in front of Cathedrale Buen Pastor which took us to the area of Ondarreta beach. San Sebastian has three beach areas - Playa de Ondarreta, Playa de La Concha and Playa de la Zurriola on the Bay of Biscay. After we got settled we walked along the Ondarreta beach area to the sculpture "Le Peigne du Vent" or "The Wind Comb". In the middle of Bahai de La Concha (bay) is Isla Santa Clara, a small island accessible by boat. On the other end of Playa de La Concha is Monte Urgull atop which stands a statue of Christ, called the Sacred Heart Statue. Well, that's it for another day....

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