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Today we decided to see something different and went to Paris' Chinatown but it wasn't very prominent unless we weren't exactly in the right place.......the Chinatown areas in Edmonton and in Calgary, Vancouver and San Francisco are much more pronounced and you know when you are in Chinatown.. Over here it appears that Chinatown is an area between avenue de Choisy and Avenue d'Ivry which includes a few markets bordered by Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants.......we didn't see any temples or places of worship or monuments or anything else that really distinguish the location. We walked about the entire perimeter of the area and stopped to have lunch at the Victoria Restaurant, hoping to have dim sum. Unfortunately, they do not do dim sum the same way we do at home. There are no ladies pushing their carts of su mai or har gau.......these are ordered right off the main menu. In any event we enjoyed a tasty Chinese lunch and headed out on our way to the Indian is the day that we pick up our visas for India (we hope). We arrived half and hour before our appointed time of 4:00PM and found a short line of people waiting to pick up their visas as well. Just like when we lined up to apply for the visas, the people who work here seem to make their own hours and the doors which were to open at 4:00 didn't open until 4:20 and then there was a rush as everyone wanted to be first inside the building to get to one of the agents. As we got closer to the wickets we moved towards one of the specific lines marked as lane P-105 only to discover that our receipt had our lane number (almost invisible) as P-114. Fortunately the young woman that was behind us in the line let us back into the line in front of her but it didn't really matter because when we got to the wicket, the female agent who had served us when we had applied for the visas took one look at us and made a funny face, as if to suggest we were going to have a problem. She disappeared around the corner for about five minutes and came back and told us to have a seat.....that it would be ten minutes. Twenty minutes passed by and by now the room was virtually empty, but she finally handed us our passports with our visas.......I think they didn't even work on the visas until we were sitting for those twenty minutes.........anyways we were thankful to have the visas and pondered how difficult it may be to get our Chinese visas when we are in Rome in August. We then made our way to Gare St. Lazaire to make train reservations for our departure from Paris. After speaking with Emmanuel, the Hotel Marceau manager, we determined that we would head southwest to Bayonne, near Biarritz which would put us closer to Spain and Portugal where we plan to head to next. Until tomorrow then.......

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