Brian and Claire's New Zealand Trip 2005 travel blog

Lincoln University Library

Front of the library

milking cows at the Univ dairy farm

Inside the shearing shed, or wool shed. The green things are shearing...

Some young Red Deer stags at the farm

A hind (doe) with a fawn in the grass

Susan with the horse she rode on the mountains at Lake Coleridge

The riding group at Lake Coleridge

Yesterday in New Zealand we hung out around campus. We played with our new ball and frisbee. We watched the cricket players play in the tournament. Another UD group arrived and there was a sick girl. She had popped her ears on the plane and had a nasty ear infection. The doctor said it probably fely like her ear was going to blow up. They also missed their plane in Auckland and arrived here 5 hours late.

Five of the students and our friends Susan and Kathie went horse-back riding. They were on a huge sheep station in the mountains. Ryton station is about 30,000 acres! Great views, steep hills, and very windy. See the pictures!

Today we plan to go to the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. The students are at the Red Deer Farm and Dairy Farm in Lincoln University.

Today we found some strange foods at the grocery store. They are Smoked Chili Mussels, vegemite, milk comes in quarts not gallons, lots of lamb and sausages. The people of New Zealand do not drink much milk. There are lots of familiar foods like Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes but they all have different names.

Our teacher asked us what the population of New Zealand is. There are about 4 million people here which compared to the 65 million sheep gives a ratio of about 1 to 16. Which means that for every human in New Zealand there are about 16 sheep!!!!!

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