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The Mountain Range

The Mountain Range

The Mountain Range

Scary Tuk Tuk ride from the airport

Tuk Tuk madness

The Amazon

Sunrise on the Amazon

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The boat I could have been on for 3 days!?!



Monday 9th July 2007

Arrive at the airport in good time for breakkie which was sorely needed as clearly I'm eating for two, as I seem to be a host to some sort of parasite! Good flight out of Cusco then it all went horribly wrong in Lima with a flight that moved backwards down the board for an hour and then just disappeared altogether! I went and asked if it was cancelled to which I got a 'yes, I mean no, it'll be here in an hour', not very confidence inspiring. So I hung around looking at the screens and without even reinstating it on the board or announcing to the restaurant upstairs I went down in an hour to find it boarding! Views were amazing though over the mountains as the sun went down. We paid for it with some of the worst turbulence I have ever experienced, not sure if thats just normal for the mountains but I tried to sleep through it and the next thing I knew I was walking down the steps at Iquitos in the steamy heat. Confronted with 20 men shouting 'taxi lady' at me I involuntarily accepted the first guy who took my pack off me and the taxi turned out to be a Tuk Tuk which was hysterical. The driver had to lend me his sunglasses because of the dust, I mean I thought Tuk Tuks were were short leisurely trips, not high speed multi laned highway journeys from airports. Pretty amusing but unfortunately it went down hill when he wanted to take me on a tour of the amazon, then took me to the wrong hotel, then wanted more money to take me to the place I originally asked for, oh dear Peru! Then the hostel was fully apart from a matrimonial which I took and then was down in reception when someone else came in asking for another room and got showed another.....clearly not full then and I have just paid for the most expensive room in house!

Tuesday 10th July 2007

Checked out of the hostel with the intention of getting on a boat up the Amazon as soon as possible. Got another Tuk Tuk (as it does seem to be the only mode of transport in town) down to the docks and the very nice man waited for me whilst I went to look around a boat that had a sign up saying they were going to Leticia tonight, a stroke of luck! The were still boarding fruit and said that I could hang my hammock for 10 pounds for the three day trip, food included. He then told me the hammock space would have up to 100 people in it! I said I would be back at 6pm but started to have my doubts. I was the only woman in sight down there, the taxi driver kept telling me I would have to really watch my bags and the fact the boat wasnt anywhere near full kind of left me with the feeling that boat wasnt going anywhere tonight. I took a look around the fast boat offices and in the end opted for the 1 day 30 quid boat, I mean I am still going up the will probably be just so fast I wont even notice a dolphin or sloth! So seeing I wasnt going anywhere tonight I moved to another hotel which was half the price and had a t.v. got some dinner and some sleep.

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