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Quito - Grand Plaza

Costa Rica had been somewhat of a holiday for us both & this was now the time to begin the REAL travelling...

We had heard & read so many horror stories of muggings & robberies in Quito that we were a bit scared.

At San Jose airport getting to checked in to TACA flights LR661 was a nightmare of queues, seat mix ups & total chaos, it's a wonder we ever got on the plane.

The 2hr flight was by contrast smooth & pleasant. Landing in Quito was odd because like other high altitude cities, the planes land FAST... and FAST it was. So now we have even less nails left.

Thankfully our worst fears were not realised & staff were helpful & friendly all the way through to getting us in to a taxi & on our way to the hotel.

Someone was definitely looking after us today.

Quito is an unsual city really, contrasting New town with its high rising flats dominating the skyline, Old town, our destination is much more colonial, that is, if you make it there without being choked to death by the exhaust fumes in the Occidental tunnel.

Our hotel, is clean & friendly, but basic, for 36 dollars a night though, we are not complaining. We have just come back from a lovely meal in Plaza Grande & are shattered.

Ah, forgot one major thing...Altitude, Altitude, Altitude...It has to be that...

Both feeling very odd, out of breath & very strange indeed, no change there then.

The coco mate TEA helps & at 2400m its not suprising you feel odd here.

Tomorrow a lie in & off to explore the city...


Today we ventured out into Quito city, following the Lonely Planet walking tour.

Fantastics sights, the Plaza Grade square with the Cathedral & Presidential Palace.

Too many churches & plazas to shake a stick at. The highlight of all the churches has to be the Compania de Jesus, with 140 tones of gold lining the entire ceilings & walls. Sorry, no pictures as these are banned in the churches...we even saw someone being 'removed' for having taken some pics...LOL

More sights later & we stopped for some ice cream...but the weather is annoying. First it is cold & raining, so you dress in fleece & waterproof, then its sunny & hot 23-24 degrees, so you strip off. Five minutes later its raining & cold again...

After a brief snack we walked to New town & caught the Trole bus back (bit like a tram) & once more were shattered & needed food & bed.

Tomorrow we are off to the Quilotoa loop & will be staying in the Black Sheep Inn. It's very remote & we may well be out of touch for a couple of days... so will catch up then

Say hi to all... & pass on the blog...

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