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Today we plan. John and I drive into Seward for breakfast and check out the fishing possibilities. John and Tom saw the fishing boats yesterday and were at the dock as everyone was bringing in their catch. The silver salmon are in. They must get out fishing!

We check the RV parks in town and on the outskirts. They all seem full as it is the weekend. Fortunately, our little 10 site park can take us another two nights and John and Tom can get out fishing Sunday morning. Looks like we are staying on the Kenai. I find myself reading the morning paper and knowing what's going on.

Let me say a little about this park. It was originally a camp for those building the highway from Seward to Anchorage. It has been taken over this year by a young couple who just moved here from Anchorage. They are putting a lot of work into it but running an RV park is all new to them. We promised to bring them some salmon if the guys are successful tomorrow. Nice people!

From camp you can walk to Kenai Lake where they also rent cabins. It's just down the path and across the railroad tracks. Notice the sign. The book I am reading says that "No Shooting or Hunting" signs are targets for northerners who enjoy shooting holes in signs while driving at high speeds in pick up trucks. I guess the same goes for trains.

The views from the park are wonderful. I hope we don't start taking them for granted!

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