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Heading north from Fort St. John

A loverly day for collecting bug guts

A view of a typical turn out ahead on the left. The...

Traveling north, the sea of forests gave way to a sparsely populated forest where the trees were about ½ the size of the earlier ones. In fact, the trees growing on the permafrost were very dark, almost black, in color.

We also got our first glimpse of the snow covered mountains in Alaska to our west. The road was well paved, but still bumpy. When we got about 15 miles out of Ft Nelson, it was very well paved and smooth.

We didn't see as much wild life as our other tour members. One couple saw 4 black bears, others saw moose and we only saw a deer fawn. We are told that we will drive through a herd of buffalo tomorrow. That ought to be fun.

We arrived at out destination RV Park around 3:30 PM. I was beat. I fought crosswinds all the way. In fact, we stopped for lunch about ½ way and I had to lay down to rest my back and shoulders. Anyway, we were among the last half dozen to arrive. We were parked quickly and got hooked up for the night. We headed to the recreation room for our nightly briefing of tomorrow's route and places to see/things to do. From there, we headed back to the coach for dinner. We can't pick up DirecTV, so we're reading and I'm doing this blog.

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