Brian and Claire's New Zealand Trip 2005 travel blog

The cricket tent behind our house

Playing Cricket at Lincoln University

Rock formations, representing the 9 rivers of the South Island of New...

Today we found out what New Zealand really looks like. There were sheep everywhere. to be exact, there are 65,000,000 sheep in New Zealand. The men on the Lincoln Campus all played Cricket, a game like Baseball and golf combined. Everything was green and plants that looked similar to palm trees were all over. We found out what foods the locals eat. They ate pork, beef, lamb, and kiwi fruit. It was raining all morning but later the temperature was 21C.

Tonight there will be a be a Welcome BBQ for us, our hosts, the students and the instructors on the trip.

It is very green here this year. On some of our other trips, everything was brown and dry. Today we also went to K mart and we bought a ball and frisbee to play with in our front yard. We did that most of the day.

We will be adding photos to this site soon. Welcome back to school and I hope you had a good weekend.

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