Greg's 2007 Odyssey travel blog

Our tour group awaiting the bus to take us to "Mile 0"...

Our tour director and wife

Abstract statue of Dawson

Group photo. I'm in the front row, above the "Good Sam" caricature....

The historic grainery, now a museum, behind the marker


DAWSON CREEK -Northern Lights RV Park

Our orientation meeting will be held at the recreation hall. Time and place of meeting may be adjusted because we want to make sure everyone has arrived before beginning our meeting. We've tried to allow ample time for our orientation meeting so we can address all of your last minute questions. The Tour Director will have coffee and sweet rolls at orientation.

Tonight, we'll have dinner at George Dawson Inn. On the way to dinner, our bus will stop at "THE World Famous Alaska Highway" Milepost 0 for a group photo.

Tomorrow we'll "hit the road." Get a good night's sleep and dream of the adventures ahead.


The Alaska Highway is a two-lane highway that winds and rolls across

the wilderness. There are sections of road with no centerline and stretches of

narrow highway with little or no shoulder. Take your time and it is suggested

that you drive with your headlights on at all times. Keep to the right on

hills and corners and watch for wildlife on the road.


Our day started off with free coffee and donuts in the meeting room. At 9 Am, our tour director gave us a briefing about tomorrow's travel plans. It is going to be a long drive - 280 miles to Ft. Nelson, BC.

We reviewed the "Milepost" (a mile by mile description of what's along the Alcan highway) and discussed places not to be missed.

After the meeting, we had a group CB radio test to insure that each rig could transmit & receive CB messages. Only one coach had a send problem.

I went looking for a ladder to take along for cleaning the windshield from the bug splatter each day. I found one at Canadian Tire (like a home depot with sporting goods) but was priced absurdly high. A 6' fiberglass ladder was going for $120. I bought one just like it in Chandler for $69. It is in my garage at home. I didn't think that I'd need one. Hah! We have to use a putty knife to scrape the front end. And they tell us it is going to get worse.

We also went by Wal*Mart and stocked up on Off Deep Woods insect repellent. We have been warned about the AK state bird (mosquito).

At the end of the day, we boarded a charter bus, went down to the "mile 0" marker of the Alcan Hwy and had a group picture taken. We then headed off to a local hotel restaurant for a buffet dinner of roast beef.

We returned to the park, loaded the SUV on the trailer, in preparation for leaving tomorrow before 8 AM.

Everyone is getting itchy to get on the road. Some, like us, have been here 3-4 days already. We will leave/arrive in random fashion. There are only two rules: 1) don't let more than 3-4 vehicles stack up behind you; and 2) drive with our lights on - it's the law in Canada.

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